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Postby Dreamer » Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:58 pm

RinRin hope the funds get to you as you need them.. I bet it is going to be hard being away from your little girl while in bootcamp.. I know it is what you want to do and wish you the all the best..

Having your own house does feel real good..They can be alot of work though.. At times.. Not so bad if you have a do-it-yourselfer around.

Maybe when you get that extra rebate check from the government you can get your car fixed.. Here's hoping for you.. :)

I have a car I call my pretty pony.. It is a plum purple 96 mustang.. I love it .. You wouldn't cause it has 2 doors too. But it is the car I always wanted.. My licence plate is 1 Dreams hehe...

Leah- sounds like you are one busy person.. Take care of yourself sounds like you could not afford to get sick... My daughter went to nursing school so I am sure that is draining not only of your time but your energy studying so much.. Kudos to you and all the things you are doing right now to reach your dream..
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