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Friends Section update in process

Postby Dreamer » Sun May 28, 2006 3:49 pm

Hi Everyone..

Anyone who would like to have their picture and a short bio included in my Friends section of the website it is time for that portion of the website to be updated...

Things I am looking for in a Bio:

First and for most for this section I would like a photo of you... ( NO fake pictures of someone else or nudes please ;) )

Name or Nickname: real name and last name are not necessary

Location: (general doesn't have to be specific.. ie Northern CA, I would prefer to keep exact location that could track you at a minimum
for online security and safety.. )

Something About You: Short info you would like included about your life other than your poetry

About your writing: thoughts on your writing, style form, reason for writings. Don't include any p-o-e-t-r-y-.-c--o-m- awards info .. (we all know about them....)

I will edit out any info that might not fit with the design of the area. Or that might be a safety risk as to your exact location or too personal. It's nice to share some informaiton about yourself but not too much cause there are alot of "different" people in the world you might not want to have your information..

I will allow you to include a link to a personal website if you have one and a link to your onsite poetry page. I will not allow links to other poetry websites. If your site it removed from the internet or moves it will be your responsibility to let me know. I don't want a bunch of dead links on my site... If I find one I could remove the whole bio and ban further links to your site in the future... IF your personal site is a site designed for making money.. That is not considered a Personal website... Unless it is sales of something such as personal artwork or other talent based sales of some sort. (porn is not considered a talent ;) ) In addition Site must not be adult oriented or have links to such sites... sorry...

I will allow photoless bios but they will be in a separate section so people won't be disappointed when they don't get a pic....

Things to keep in mind:

You might not want the entire world to know your most intimate secrets.

If you use a nickname on the site you might want to include a real name but you don't have to.

IF you send a bio without a pic you might want to share if you are male female,

instead of age you might want to put month and year of birth rather than a full date. Since age changes from year to year putting birth year is better.

If you want to put "single and looking" I will allow it but just remember I don't plan on doing updates to this section regularly.. (as of right now anyway...)

IF you are a musician and want to share a sample of your work let me know and we can arrange a way for you to get me a mp3 file and I will put a link so people can hear your sound.... Just know that it will be downloadable so tag it properly... Quality is always important but keep in mind some people are still using dial-up to access the internet...

If you would like to send a picture that you would like to represent you for the alternate personal photoless section [color=red]IT MUST BE AN ORIGINAL PHOTO OR DRAWING
If you want to brand the picture make sure it is tastefully done or I will reject it.

If you would please spell check before sending to me... It will save me alot of work and editing... NO hiphop, rap or sms slang please.

I think by now you all know my email address... So I will be looking forward to seeing you..... as will your other Dreamersreality friends and fans ;)

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