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updated: January 2018

Welcome to the entrance of Dreamer's Reality. Beyond this page you will experience a large collection of poetic thoughts, pictures and different views of life... Hundreds of poets and writers from all over the world share their dreams and realities in their words here..

I hope you enjoy the light and dark world of dreams... (Even though they may sometimes go beyond normal realities grasp.) ...And please... feel free to participate in the on going collections of poetry, with your own poem and writing submissions. You are invited to let the writers know how you feel about their writings by leaving comments on their work..There is something for everyone here at Dreamer's Reality..

-Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)

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Poem of the Hour


And I Will
Author: Shiloh

Runnin’ around like a crazy fool,
Fallin’ down on the slippery roads,
Down in the valley of the old memories
Where the briars and brambles reach out
To snag and hold and keep you from movin’ on…

Gotta tear away from them,
Lots of little cuts and tracks of the thorns
Leaving their trails on my arms and legs,
Telling me that while I might escape now,
They’ll get me later, ‘cause I gotta come back.

And I will.

‘Cause there’s just somethin’ about it all,
Somethin’ about you,
Somethin’ about the attraction
Somethin’ about the danger there,
And I’m a fool to tempt it, I know…

And I will.

There is no escape, no surrender,
No plan, no hope, no sense to it.
No rhythm, no beat, no harmony,
Nothin’ there – just nothin’ at all,
I’ll go in and I will likely drown myself…

And I will. Willingly.

I would do that for you.
I would do that with you.
I would do that for the chance
To gaze into your eyes
As I am sucked down into oblivion.

And I will.

I can imagine no better way,
No more wonderful way
To end everything
Than to do it this way.
If I have to leave you.

And I will.

I don’t want to,
But I will.


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