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updated: January 2018

Welcome to the entrance of Dreamer's Reality. Beyond this page you will experience a large collection of poetic thoughts, pictures and different views of life... Hundreds of poets and writers from all over the world share their dreams and realities in their words here..

I hope you enjoy the light and dark world of dreams... (Even though they may sometimes go beyond normal realities grasp.) ...And please... feel free to participate in the on going collections of poetry, with your own poem and writing submissions. You are invited to let the writers know how you feel about their writings by leaving comments on their work..There is something for everyone here at Dreamer's Reality..

-Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)

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Poem of the Hour


Rare (rough Draft)
Author: Meridian Zuriel

A flower
So soft, so delicate, so rare
So genuine, so true
It isn't just anywhere
A dime a dozen of the opposite, however
Is seen almost everywhere

A hidden gem
Without the cosmetics
So natural and earthly
Enhancements take away
From its true beauty
Far beyond what the eye can see

A tree
Rooted so firm, so strong
Withstanding storms
All year long
Stable and supportive
Even when life throws a curve
Mature enough to swerve
Away from discord sowers
Negative influences, associations
All about separation
From little birdies carrying gossip information

An owl and an ant
Wise enough to plan, prepare and store
Protect and unify all the more
Evident of how much they care for
Selflessness comes automatic
Helpfulness does too
Although we all know
Roses are red
And violets are blue
this flower is not only unique
It's often overlooked in plain view


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