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updated: January 2018

Welcome to the entrance of Dreamer's Reality. Beyond this page you will experience a large collection of poetic thoughts, pictures and different views of life... Hundreds of poets and writers from all over the world share their dreams and realities in their words here..

I hope you enjoy the light and dark world of dreams... (Even though they may sometimes go beyond normal realities grasp.) ...And please... feel free to participate in the on going collections of poetry, with your own poem and writing submissions. You are invited to let the writers know how you feel about their writings by leaving comments on their work..There is something for everyone here at Dreamer's Reality..

-Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)

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Poem of the Hour


Author: Meridian Zuriel

Smooth slick talk, playing on emotions
Knowing the one receiving the crap
Will be hooked to the point of devotion
It's like a potion
Naive and believing in false notions
Use you like a sucker who is guaranteed
To soak up the sob story, the lies of false hopes
Knowing you won't have the sense to look into a broader scope
Because the picture is too narrow
Can't see the forest for the trees
So you got this gift for gab good for nothing
With a motive, but claiming to aim to please
It's not always a preacher, serpents take on many forms
Many shapes, regardless of status and gender
Preying on the heart because it's tender
Falling for the crap every time
And that joker ain't even worth a dime
So don't talk to me unless it's hi and goodbye
Because either every or every other word is a lie
Brainwashers fall under this category too
It's just a shame what desperation will make you do
Not too mention gullibility too
I pray to see beyond the surface view
Only God knows the real and true
But I earn to discern and learn
As I yearn to ask questions, weigh the matter
Not be easily fooled by the chatter
Same crap, just different day
Until the sneaky finally get their way
I pray to be hip to the jive
No matter who comes with crap while I'm alive


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