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updated: January 2018

Welcome to the entrance of Dreamer's Reality. Beyond this page you will experience a large collection of poetic thoughts, pictures and different views of life... Hundreds of poets and writers from all over the world share their dreams and realities in their words here..

I hope you enjoy the light and dark world of dreams... (Even though they may sometimes go beyond normal realities grasp.) ...And please... feel free to participate in the on going collections of poetry, with your own poem and writing submissions. You are invited to let the writers know how you feel about their writings by leaving comments on their work..There is something for everyone here at Dreamer's Reality..

-Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)

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Poem of the Hour


The Sky Is A Lighter Shade Today
Author: Luke Mudge

On a piano a C MAJOR is a chord that is pronounced by the C E and G keys. Evenly spaced between the top row of black keys, in my life I've placed my fingers on these keys an unimaginable amount of times, though every time I do this, specifically on a different piano it always sounds a little different.

Like stepping barefoot onto a deck on a warm summer morning, smelling cut grass after a long winter, or going outside right before winter begins and breathing in that air, even though it's a little colder outside, something about it makes you feel a little warmer inside.

Sometimes you've seen something many times in your life, but at a glance, when you least expect it to, it can maneuver your life into another direction.

I've had times in my life, where I've looked out a window on a drive, or watched the sun pour its soul into my home on a sunny afternoon. Where just the lighting, triggered something in my memory. When the corner of a wall, where the light was at it's peak, brought me to a place in my childhood, where I was happy.

"You drown, not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it".

Many demons have come and gone in my life, some I stayed clear of, others I met directly head on. What I've learned over time, is the ability to see those demons for what they are. Let them be demons, that's what they are, for they can't be changed. Just walk right past them.

Those demons can be anything, bad memories, things in your life you can't possibly change, stress that is in any way out of your control. Learn to manage them for what they are, don't try to make them what you want them to be.

If you are writing something down, and can't quite figure out what your gonna put onto paper, you may have a quirk to open up that pathway in your brain to remember what it was that was about to be put down in pen. Maybe it's a quick tapping of your fingers, or a quick tapping of that pen. Most of the times, it's 3 straight taps, in place, one after the other after the other.

If I take those 3 piano keys from that C MAJOR chord in the beginning of these collaborative words, and played them simultaneously, it could turn into a melody. That if repeated could also make you remember any sort of memory.

Difficult to explain in the verbal sense, most people hearing something like this wouldn't be able to bring it into conversation. Though, the way I look at things, something as simple as the right coffee mug to purchase for my every day cup, actually took some time.

I mean you are going to want it to be a good weight, when it has the coffee in it. The way the handle feels holding onto it, resting in your hands it cannot tire out your fingers. What color is it. The size of it, everyone loves coffee, and lots of it, but nobody really wants a cup equal to the size of a wine bottle. Finally after you've had a few sips of it, while you are watching your favorite show, or whatever it is you do, will it still be that temperature that relaxes you.

So in life, if I've thought about anything that has meaning to me, most of the time I have taken a look at every aspect of it, in careful detail, how it benefits my life, and the cons of course. I do this very quickly, I do this though because I feel that everything and everyone has a story. Certain things should not just be ignored. Something simple and boring to some can have a long lasting memory to others. Which is why you hear that saying "one person's trash is another person's treasure". And which is why two people can pass the same homeless person, and one walks right by them while the other says hello and talks with them.

An old ping pong table, a worn uneven net draped across the middle of it. The table is sturdy, and usable still. It's worn because it's been used a lot for several years. This table hasn't moved since it was originally placed in it's spot. It sits in-between 30 year old video game machines in a game room, just inside the doors of an old camping area. The sound the ball makes as it connects with the table is a little louder than it was when it was brand new. And yet somehow that makes it more appealing.

A faded yellow baseball tee-shirt. 3/4 sleeves, white in the middle. A basic print, got its usage out of it a long time ago. Still old faithful out of the dresser drawer. It grew older as you grew older, but you both in that light, never aged a day.

Time is fluid, ever changing never ending, and constant. Even after death, time continues. If you could manipulate it and move through it, it would still continue to progress. For everyone, only the memories people have of you live on. They are what is left of you.

I like to focus on positive ones. While I can't change the present, I can take those good mental videos and let those take control of my vehicle, and use the other memories as a mental navigator to which direction I should be going.

Where you can rest your head, the back of your neck is warm now, and you can decompress. Exhale, you've done all you can do. You and everyone around you will be okay, because in their lives, whatever version of "ok" is going on, they are figuring it out themselves. Some "ok's" will be easier than others.

For me, my older chocolate Labrador retriever, is looking up at me. Everywhere I go, she wants to be near me. She will find the perfect spot, and just lay by me. For she is my comfort, and I equal hers.

Find that comfort, find those keys on a piano, find that old memory that turns a sunlight into a smile. Find that inspiration that takes darkness and drives you into the light. Make the choices you make in life have meaning. So that when you are stepping outside, on a warm summer morning, barefoot onto a porch or a deck, or onto some cut grass, when you inhale, you can then exhale.


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