Betrayal Of The Heart
Author: RainFlyer8


Iím starting to believe
I wonít make it through the night
No matter how hard I try
I wonít achieve this plight
I tried to stop myself
I got help for this previously
But it crawled back into my life
Because pain moves deviously
Stand before my reflection
My eyes staring back through the glass
They look so gaunt and lifeless
Gone from golden to rusty brass
Iíve never been able to be perfect
Never what otherís expected of me
But when I look into my own eyes
They have no idea what I see
Deep inside I see sorrow
I can look into my own soul
I know my heart canít be broken
Because it was never completely whole
Iíve run away so many times
I have already lost count
But where ever I run to
Misery has been all Iíve found
I always turn to the bottle
To make me forget my pain
But when I wake up in the morning
I think that Iím insane
Never know where Iíll end up
In my bed or a park bench
Always coated in my own vomit
And vomiting again at the stench
I feel so weak and helpless
I know I can never be fixed
Although I know I shouldnít
I have to scratch that itch
I quit school a while ago
So Iíll walk home and take a bath
I just could get science, reading
Not history or math
Because I was always too drunk
To know whatís going on
And I got caught, Couldnít keep
The charade up for long
I know Iím pathetic
But what can I do
You donít even realize
Itís all because of you
Whyíd you leave me
Broken on the floor
A little glue wouldíve fixed me
I could have been restored
But you left me
And went straight to her
You didnít see paste her trickery
You ate up her seductive purr
You just donít get it
She's using you to get to me
Youíve got perfect vision
But youíre as blind as could be
Donít wanna die
Donít wanna be here
I canít kill myself
Pain is what I fear
Iím powerless
I lie broken on my floor
I canít get over you
Donít want to anymore
Whyíd you have to do this
What did I ever do
Only crime I committed
Was completely loving you
Will you ever come back to me
Will I let you back into my life
Now that I think about it
My friends were always right
They told me not to date you
And because the slum Iím in
They donít talk to me anymore
But they donít know where Iíve been
Remember I can see my soul in my eyes
When Iím forced to look at myself
You have no idea how much
I want to be someone else
Itís all because of you
And that bitch you left me for
But I have a resolution
Iím not afraid anymore
I wake up early Friday
And make myself look just right
Canít wait to get to school
Canít wait to achieve this plight
You have first hour with the seductress
And you sit next to each other
My life is almost other
So I say goodbye to my father and mother
Walk the lonely road to school
And reveal in whets waiting there
Canít wait to see her scream
Canít wait to watch you care
Walk down the hall like normal
No one notices Iím out place
And I think the reason
Is the sincere smile on my face
I walk into the classroom
And see you look surprised
I kiss you on the cheek
And see the confusion in your eyes
Then I pull out the gun
I shoot her in the heart
Everyone begins to scream
This is how chaos starts
I smile and say I love you
And then I shoot you
Then I turn the gun on myself
And plant a bullet in my heart too
Good now no one can have you
Weíre all gone and the pain has stopped
You couldnít have just loved me
I hadnít asked a lot
But you left me Ďcause I was broken
Like I donít matter anymore
But it was later that
You made it worse than before
You took my best friend as your new girl
And thought nothing would happen to you
Well now you realize that you should have stayed
Because death is the only thing that comes of
A girlís heart being broken and betrayed
Now Iím finally fixed
I can finally rest
Donít have to cry anymore
Have the weight off my chest
Itís time to leave completely
And I know you think itís cruel
But really itís a complement
Because I just loved you
I loved you so damn much
I killed you, me and her
Well now itís over
And never will you stir
Feeling like those inside
Never will they surface again
But you never should have
Stolen my two best friends
You and her were my always
You and her were my forever
And now we are forever...

------- Author's Notes -------

When your betrayed no one can tell what your capable of. You'll take jurastic meassures to either fix what you think is right.....or just get revenge.


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