Revari's Dream
Author: Crimson Angel


The night sky glistened with tenderness, fog hanging low in the air, as Revari sat in the damp grass. She pulled her knees close to her chest, resting her chin on the tips of her knees, gazing up at the stars. Every night, she would do the same, and escape the cruelties of the city, to hide at this painting of beauty. Every streak of nature has created a paradise for her own enjoyment, she thought.

She remembered many times at this spot, sighing contently, as she conjures them up in her thoughts. She remembered how the cool pond beneath her soothed her whip marks, from her abusive father's presence, oh how she enjoyed the sweet memories. She remembered how she swung on the old tire swing at the bottom of the hill, on an old oak tree, when her neighbor told her, that her mother was gone. Such blissful times, of reassurance. She remembered how she was found in this little spot, the very first time with her neighbor, whom she was very fond of. She remembered how they gazed at the night stars, just as she did now, and how they even shared a first kiss. She remembered how happy she felt, that nothing would change it. Not her father's abusive acts, not ignorance from others, yet a few days later, while working on the farm, an elderly man told her a drunk driver crashed into his car, and that was all she needed to here, to run down to her spot. Such distasteful, yet beautiful imaginations of the past. She remembered how she sat here, on her dance night, in her torn silk dress, crying sorrowfully, silver tears creating ripples into the dark water, as they soothed her, with its silence. She remembered all the scrapes she got from that night, gazing down at herself, still visualizing them before some strangers took her to the hospital.

These memories poured out of her mind, and into the field of innocence, reassuring her of her accomplishments. After all that had happened, she saw the good of it. She has found a way to end it all. She closed her eyes, breathed in the crisp night air, her body shivering from the coldness, pale and numb, as she stood from her rock, and ran down the hill. She immediatly let go of all she held, letting it fall into the hands of her precious spot, as she dived into the pond.

A few weeks later, a couple of police officers were looking in the field, hearing report of a missing body. They flashed their neon lights against the looming willows, and even the luminous moon above them. The fog cleared somewhat, as they neared a pool of water. They looked in.


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Crucified Embers ( -- Wednesday, January 21 2004, 08:02 pm


I was looking through poems, since I'm a HUGE fan of poetry, though I can't do any myself. VERY NICE STORY! Touching ending, too. I really hope you write more. =)
Crimson Angel ( -- Monday, March 29 2004, 09:53 pm

Author's Comment

I'm a really big fan of poetry myself. And thank you very much for the comment! I was sort of in a depressing mood when I wrote this, otherwise the story might've been longer with a better twist to the end. But I am writing more. =3 Finished two short stories and working on the beginnings of a chapter book. ^.^
Meridian ( -- Monday, March 29 2004, 10:03 pm

Darn CA

Hey Crimson Angel! Extravagant Poem, what a beauty! I love your description of your beautiful poem! Yep! You might become a well-known author, or publisher some day! O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G!

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