Author: Crimson Angel


Darkness conquering light
Hate conquering good
Evil conquering what could have been right
And what was to be that should
Love was once felt within her breast
For a certain someone she knew
But as long as her pain still lingered near
The hate within her soul grew
A dagger into her heart
A rope tied to her neck
A simple phase of trying to drown
But her misery casts her heart a wreck
Her pain leaves scars for a warrior
Her past leads a shameful road
The so many burdens that lay against her back
Feel too heavy to hold
Before she could say she loved him
He casted her heart aside
Her heart has been through so much pain
It's hard to know how she must have cried
Twas a shameful thing, indeed it was
That that poor maiden lead a sad life
For, now, she hangs from an old oak tree
And in her heart, lay an old rusty knife
If you walk up close enough
You can see a small note
It was pinned neatly to her shirt
And a simple phrase she wrote:
"My heart has been released
My heart has gone insane
My heart has wept freely
Yet my heart has died in vain."


Comments on this poem/writing:

Sweet Sorrow ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 03:59 am

very touching...

i like this one alot. it explains alot having to do with saddened relationships, right? i know that feeling, and i know how you feel. nice job.
John ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 09:17 am


Very descriptive thoughts.....these feeling can be related to by many.. ( If sorrow should try to wither, the thoughts that you held so dear..then child of misfortune come hither, and I'll weep with you tear for tear.) .......John
Crimson Angel ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 02:52 pm

Author's Comment

Aye, that's what I was shooting for. I was hoping to bring the sad truth of reality, into the hands of others, to see. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like my writing. *smiles*
Seizure ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 03:49 pm


I saw the sad truth of reality in it. So I guess you accomplished your goal there. Good job.
Enchanter ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 09:34 pm


This poem had so much depth in thinking. It had me wondering more and more as I read each line, keep writing, I love your poetry. To put it simply...beautiful.
Crimson Angel ( -- Sunday, July 6 2003, 11:21 pm

Author's Comment

Thank you for your comments. I have been writing poetry lately, out of depression, so to see that you like how my feelings come out, really brings my day to life. Thanks once again for your comments! :)
luc ( -- Monday, July 7 2003, 12:31 am

no title

anyone who knows me knows i love good endings to anything. and this one.. well i just.. dont know.. speechless i guess? but then again if i was speechless i wouldnt be writeing this now would i.. heh.. but yeah speechless is the word that comes to close to how i feel about this piece of work. i really liked it. good job.
jade mcgarrigle ( -- Tuesday, November 18 2003, 03:25 pm

very touching

i found that one very touching but not very well to undersand but it exsplanes alot about life and sadness i like this one alot
Crimson Angel ( -- Monday, March 29 2004, 10:09 pm

Author's Comment

Thank you, both. I guess I didn't know what I was thinking really when I wrote this, really, but I was sort of contemplating how the plot went to link with my own ending. But, in the end, it turned out I just kept this for decoration and reminding for others. So, once more, thanks, you two.
Timothy Blonshine ( -- Thursday, May 4 2006, 03:23 pm


i loved your poem
Stan ( -- Monday, August 28 2006, 06:12 pm


Poems bring out the truth in a person.It was very persuasive on how your feelings show.Keep writing and feel better.I've been thru this and sucks i know but keep writing you are really good.
anonymous ( -- Sunday, June 3 2007, 08:33 pm


i would like to know if it's ok to use your poem as a homewprk assignment
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