Draw A Line Around Your Think
Author: Dilvorn


When will we ever stop?
Do we know what form of reality we exist in
What if our parallel universes meet some place in the middle?
Is this what it's like when worlds collide?

It seems that at times, the portals open
to the next dimension,
allowing us a mere glimpse into the unknown.
Wouldn't it be the ultimate thrillride
to embrace every facet of all realities?

All dreams are a reality.
Every hope builds on a premise
a dream in another dimension
The greatest of insights into the reality we perceive

Look at your emotions from aback.
When you think it, don't become it.
Serves not ye well to be
without the proper spiritual outlet

for your frustrations reign
Then again, what does anything matter anyhow?
Does it really matter in the scheme of things?.................

Sitting in a high-back English chair in New England
a most comforting feel,
knowing the world is cold--
sleeping outside the windows

Hammered dulcimer lightly entertains the silences
of this quiet, indigenous, old inn.
Will the inn be full?
It's beginning to snow.

Warmth and tranquility for the moment
Maybe the months to come.
Maybe a friendly 'I'm sorry' as I'm ushered out
Maybe the next will be more forgiving,
and let me while the hours,
or maybe I'll be forever on my way.
Maybe here I'll stay
Either way, It's good today

The floral patterns on the wall are moving
The sun stretches it's way
as it strains to be seen for all it's glory
Soon to be extinguished into night.

Yet another memory of a day
Past going faster? Future blowing by?
Is the present even about us?
Or a figment of another time?

Welcome to the convulsions
to the interior moment maker
New walls. What walls? Blinders. Minders.
Merely the veil. Clarity is through it.
Can't see it, for it?
Stop thinking.

Forget not those whom have you;
you have opened
See the connection
Bird is to cat as human is to lion
But, and I question--- (thomas) ---

Was it a dream?
Do you know what I mean?
It felt right, but could that just be that it's been to long?
Or was this the random unexpected moment
a glimpse into what may be,
that knocks one off their feet?

For it comes along all to soon, and there is no clarity.
Such is life & so we live it...
Or, one more suicide.
Didn't my lord deliver Daniel?
Then why not every man?
Are we not as worthy as the Daniel we could so easily emulate?
Or could we?

Have we given up on society
Or have we given up our faith in God
we now have the digital conquests which we cannot fully fathom,
yet we have full faith in their functionality?
Are these our idols of despair?

The light of love saves. Too late? :-)
Don't take it all for granted.
But don't think that it's too late for anything to be brought into the gloriousness of life as a whole;
living spiritually bonded as an entity
each aspect of the spectrum becoming individually indifferent
within prospects of personal gratification and ultimate unification
Seems to me this is where we lose it
It's not about how many toys
or how few people we have to see in our daily lives
electronic transaction

Gone are the days of saying hello to Betty at the water company
But here are the days of saying hello to everyone
unanimously and anonymously

Don't lose your mind.

Don't find it either. It won't get you there.
Unconscious consciousness is the only key
to self-group-full resurrection.

Strive for the days of beauty,
and all glory will be shown in paradisiacal form.
Are you open for that?
Better be.
"We are the few, the warriors, saved for Saturday
To win the battles raging in the hearts of men on Saturday."
t slide.

Someone did it
Someone's done it
I certainly wasn't the best at it
Others make an art of doing it
Others make art
Others make an art of doing everything


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