The Wish
Author: DreamWeaver


after another long day
i returned home to find
a letter address to me
it had no return address
to tell me who sent it.
i sat at my desk
proceeded to open it.
i began to read
" dear kind soul "
"i have been watching your life from a distance
and i wish to offer you something,"
i sat wondering who this person was
to making me this offer.
i continued to read
"i have seen you go thru life's challenges.
seen u struggle and come thru
i wish to offer u this gift"

a gift from a stranger or from someone i know.
i read on.
" this gift is from my heart to yours."
"something to ease your troubled soul"

again i wondered what could it be.
i flip the letter over
on the back is my answer.
the letter continued

"i give to you one wish"
"anything u want i can give you."
"anything you desire is yours"

and it was signed
"a caring soul"

i place the letter on the desk.
wondering to myself
who would send such a letter?
who would offer me this wish?

Could it be true?
they can grant me one wish?
thoughts run thru my mind ,
if they could what would it be.

would i wish for money
to live a comfortable
worry free life?
money cant buy everything.
money cant buy companionship.
money cant buy love and understanding.
the reward isn't in getting money.
its the getting of it honestly and thru hard work.
no i can't wish for money.
i have spent too many years already trying to get it.
i can't ask for a simple solution now.

would i wish for happiness
to fill my days with joy?
happiness can not be handed
to you in an envelope.
its the pursuit of happiness
that gives you purpose
more then the attaining of it.
only once u have attained it thru struggles
can you truly be happy with how you are.
having the ability to look back over your hardships
and see what you have accomplished.
no i cant ask for happiness.
i have spent too many years already trying to get it
i cant ask for a simple solution now.

would i wish for companionship
to allow me the chance to share my heart with another?
companionship cant be forced on someone.
they must come willingly to u
come to u seeing your faults
and your abilities and choose to stay.
they come willingly carrying with them
their own faults and abilities.
no i cant ask for companionship.
i have spent to many years already trying to have that.
i cant ask for a simple solution now..

so what do i wish for?
what would give me greater pleasure
then to have my life complete.
what would make my life more complete then it is now.

i make copies of the letter.
placing each one inside a new envelope
i proceed to address them.
to people i know.
to people i believe would understand the wish.
from a caring soul. who shall remain nameless
sending the wish to them
in hopes that the realize that
something can not be gained from nothing.
only hard work and determination will bring life's goals to us.
only with dedication to the pursuit of such goals will we attain them.

for this is my wish.
the wish i was given
the wish i will give away.


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