I Visited The Rainbow Bridge
Author: Shiloh


(Revision of "I Had A Dream The Other Night" first submitted 07/23/2014)

I am a cat guy.
Had a lot of cats.
Some of them have gone on to wait for me
at Rainbow Bridge.
The other night, just before falling asleep,
I was thinking about all of them-
Had a dream.
I was walking up to the area at Rainbow Bridge,
but I knew I was there only as a guest
- I wasn't dead,
but I had been invited by my cats who were there.
They wanted me to stop worrying about them,
so they decided to bring me there for a visit.
It really was a beautiful place,
just like you've heard it is.
All around me I could see animals playing, sleeping,
as they probably did when they were alive.
Then I saw a few cats, and a couple dogs,
approaching me, looking at me.
They were the dogs and cats of my family,
that had gone to The Bridge, to wait for us.
Toby, my wife's all-white cat;
Patches, my son's cat;
Whisper, my wife's cat;
and Autumn, my cat.
They could talk to me, and I could talk to them!
Not normal voice talk,
but through our minds!
- we were able to communicate mentally,
and it was a wonderful thing!
They told me they were happy, things were nice,
and they were waiting for us
to come and meet them,
and walk over The Bridge together.
Three dogs also came up -
one was an adorable Boston Terrier,
and he introduced himself to me
as being my wife's dog, Spikey,
because I had never met him,
but had heard a lot about him.
Charcoal, my wife's dog, was happy to see me,
and Cinnamon, my son's dog,
was also wagging her tail.
They all wanted to let me know,
and wanted me to tell my family,
that they were fine, they were happy,
content, safe, warm, and they had (as I saw)
been restored to their earlier life condition
of fitness and full health.
That was a truly beautiful thing to see.
I said that I knew that I had to wait
to be able to touch them, to hold them or pet them,
and they said that was part of the deal
- I was to see them, speak with them,
but that was all, until I actually did make my final trip,
and then I would be able to hold them, pet them,
and make the trip over The Bridge.
They said that when I did come,
that only my cat, Autumn, would accompany me,
unless Sassy was also there then.
Only MY animals would be able to go with me.
The others had to wait, which they didn't mind,
for their respective owners to show up,
to go with them then.
That's the way it is there.
BUT- I was given the great honor of being allowed to visit,
just for a little bit, and learn firsthand,
that they were all right,
that all the animals there were all right,
and they were fine with waiting for their humans;
they had no concern about time -
time meant nothing to them now.
Humans seem to be the only ones
really concerned with time.
They said that would change for me
when I finally came back.
As I turned to go, my angel baby, Autumn,
said that he had special permission to
make one gesture to me.
He reached out his paw, and touched me on the cheek,
just as he used to do when we took naps together.
I'm still crying as I finish this.

-------- Author's Note --------

(I've read this a few times now,
and every time I get to the last few lines..
- you see, I didn't write this - THEY wrote it.
I'm just putting it down and passing it on to you.
THEY wrote this. And I'm crying again.)
It was a beautiful experience.)


Comments on this poem/writing:

shiloh.... ( -- Wednesday, January 7 2015, 10:51 pm


thank you, Becky, for your help in making this work out okay. - much appreciated. ~peace...
shiloh... ( -- Wednesday, February 3 2016, 08:59 pm


sadly, my little girl, Sassy, is now waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, along with here brothers and sisters.
I miss all of them so very much....
shiloh ( -- Friday, October 5 2018, 09:47 pm

reading this again...

beautiful thoughts ane memories surround me when i read this again, and the tears are there at the end, as always. This was THE best dream that I ever had, and it was so very real to me. It is the only dream that I have ever had complete, and the only one I have ever been able to remember completely. But then, that is the purpose of my cats bringing me there to visit for a short while.
I feel a lot better about things now, as a result.
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