Our Story
Author: M B J Pancras


The sun was setting. The day had ended with its busy schedule. The evening seemed pleasant. Evening walkers could be seen on the sides of the road. Benson and Nancy set out for the evening. They were not the evening walkers; they set out for gravy. Evening food had been prepared ---- a single bowl of rice for the two!

Benson had finished his qualifying degree and entered a school in a small town in Alotana state. Just four years ago he had had a change in his heart surrendering himself to the Gospel. That change had not been an ordinary phenomenon, but a change that only the Lord could know. That change had taken Benson to an extreme of sacrificing his life for someone who had had orphaned in life. There is many a soul on earth left orphans. But Benson had had to choose of the orphaned souls. Must be God’s eternal plan!

Nancy had been born for a neglected couple and had had to grow with her grandmother. Her ‘mother’ had had no way to live with her girl child. She had been forced to part the child and live elsewhere. Might be an unhealthy atmosphere! The father had had to rear the child but with his mother’s compassion and concern. Her grandmother had had been orthodox in her ways; had taken special care and concern for the neglected baby. She had showered all her love upon the innocent child. The child had grown. Her father had had intermittent visits to the house, but he had had an inexpressible love and compassion for the child, for he had had a secret affair with the one who had had affinity with him. Might be an odd circumstance!

Benson had had sympathy and empathy for individuals and fellow-beings. That change in his heart had made him show sympathy and empathy towards others. An ineffable change in his heart! He had worked in the school as an English teacher. It had been a private English medium school in the small town of Alotana. He had come to know of the distressed situation of Nancy’s family. He had come forward to offer free tuition to Nancy who had had to live on some little sponsored money spent on her education by a ‘missionary’.

Days passed with no breaks. Benson had become familiar with Nancy’s family. One has to understand that Benson had had no underlying thought about Nancy. His concern had been only the betterment of Nancy’ life. No one can think how it could be possible! Time alone can justify this act.

Alas! Bleakness had fallen on Nancy’s life. Her grandmother had departed from her. Nancy had stood on the road. Her father had not been found in the town. He had had been entangled with his own affairs. Yet he had had a room for the child in his heart. Might be true! But why had not he lived for the child totally? Benson had seen Nancy on the road. A plausible thought flashed into his heart and mind
“Why can’t I offer my life for the orphaned child?”

Benson had had hopes of his own family. He had thought his folks would accept his sacrifice. Benson’s thought had not become materialized. There had burst a lightning thunder between him and his family. Benson and Nancy had been cursed and chased out of their bond. Then Benson and Nancy had been left orphaned. Is it God’s incomprehensible plan? Benson had lost even his private job. Nancy had been in her teens and Benson had been in twenties.

God had sent a Good Samaritan into their life. A work place had been created for Benson in a large town, Trviely. Nancy had had to continue her studies. Benson had always supported her growth. Yes, they had had a new bond ---- the bond of one.

Days rolled on amidst trials, hunger, thirst and loneliness without folks’ concern and compassion. Yet, God’s Hand had always been with them. Yes, Might be God’s plan on earth to a few among many a soul!

The sun had not yet set fully behind the horizon of the west of Trviely. Regular evening walkers were seen on the road with their routine customs. Benson and Nancy were not the evening walkers, but they walked for gravy for their evening food on that day.

“Benson, why do you look distressed now?” Nancy looked at the apprehensive face of Benson and inquired him.

“A flash of the beginning of our life has struck my heart and mind. So I look a little bit thoughtful.” Benson’s reply had a great meaning.

The two walked very fast towards the mobile pushcart vendor. He had been selling gravy for many a customer. Benson and Nancy had become regular customers to the vendor, for they had had a little money with them to spend for dishes.

“Nancy, let’s go fast, otherwise, the gravy would be sold out.”
Nancy counted her paces with Benson fast and they both reached the pushcart.

“Sir, is gravy available?” Benson asked the vendor.

“Yes. Sir. How much do you want?”

“For one rupee.” Benson stretched a one rupee note.

“Is it okay for one rupee?”

“Ok. We have not extra money. Today is ok.”

Who could understand Benson’s hidden sadness.

Benson had left his folks for a concern for Nancy, who had known only Benson’ soul on earth then.

Benson and Nancy spent their life on earth by the Divine guidance. Who could understand the Divine guidance?

Years rolled as the hands of the clock rotate with their regulated speed of time.

Benson is seen lying on his couch with the thoughts of yesteryears. God has blessed them with the greatest gift of a baby girl. She is Valena. Valena walks on her parent’s footprints. She is told of the past miseries of her parents.

“Valena, my dear, never leave Jesus Christ, The One Who is with us.” Nancy would teach Valena.

“Yes. Mom. Thank you and Dad for having discovered in me the Lord Jesus Christ.” Nancy’s reply comforted Nancy.

“The world has twisted our story with tarnished images. But God alone knows who we are; what we are; how we are; why we are; where we are.” Nancy’s reply touched Valena’s heart.

Benson looks at nancy and Valena. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

God alone understands his tears.

The world is a curse to the godly.

------- Author's Notes -------

Real life story --- An episode1


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