Tears Of Sorrow
Author: Babygurl


Tears of sorrow flow down my face
Why did god take you from this place
So many memories and unspoken dreams
Life is never what it seems
If only you were here for one more day
I could tell you everything I needed to say
Thank you for being there for me
You taught me how grand life can be
If you could here me now then I would say
Why did god have to take you away


Comments on this poem/writing:

Seizure ( -- Saturday, October 19 2002, 07:07 am


I thought you said your poems weren't that great? This one I could connect with and it was very well written. Think higher of your writings, they really are good.
Roy ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 12:27 am

hey lady--seizure

When you lose something one tries to find it--heartless wonder they are--why even make the effort to spell out words with people like seizure who has a big IQ but gives up and passes his HS on to you and us. --SEE?--this is what you get when you lay your heart on the line-- lay it out and someone is here that provokes!!!!Just let us write and be comforted by at least your higher writing skills--yes your words touch deep and did not hurt and I thank you ,it is a reflection of my troubles also--force be with you
Seizure ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 03:37 pm


Is this Seizure under fire week? How does two innocent little comments turn into people talking shit about me?

Babygurl said she didn't think her material was very good... I LOVED the poem and so I STATED that. How you (Roy), could misinterpret that as demeaning in ANY WAY is FAR beyond me.

And why don't you tell me what "type" of person I am. And while you're at the whole being judgemental thing, why don't you tell me what you mean by, "passes his HS on to you and us." That doens't make any sense gramatically or otherwise. If you are trying to make a point, at least put some thought into how you are going to express it. No one knows what you're talking about.

And how DARE you suggest I am a better writer than ANY other poet on this site. You, my friend, are demeaning other people, not I, as you have suggested. How can you put ANY KIND of weight on the writing ability of someone in something as abstract as a poem?

I sense a little animosity from you to me, and frankly I could give a rats ass. I have more people hating on me every day than I can count, and it's usually arrogant people like you.

Before you judge, read the damn message. As far as I can tell, your only problem was the subject, "See?" And if that one word is enough to spark you into some kind of idiotic rage like that, then you need more help than I do. (Notice I didn't diss you by calling you an idiot, I said your little hissy fit was idiotic, there is a big difference).

J. ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 04:04 pm


wow... I couldn't even understand what you wrote... but I don't really see how you could take that as a insult... I guess some ppl are just looking for one...
J. ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 04:06 pm


that eariler comment was to Roy.. and by the way... what's a HS?
Babygurl ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 07:42 pm

Everyone needs to quit arguing Seizure left me a comment about a comment that I had left him. So we we're on the same level, no one else new what he was talken about but me. Lets not make this comment section into a big argument. FOCUS ON THE POETRY NOT OTHER PEOPLES COMMENTS!!!!!!!!
roy ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 07:47 pm

hs is

J. ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 11:39 pm


well... anyway i thought it was good:)...
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, October 22 2002, 02:49 am

well said...

Babygurl, I figured you would understand that. Which would be why I posted it on your poem to make sure YOU would read it. Not ignorant people that hate me because I'm an atheist (what kind of Christian does that make you Roy?)
jp ( -- Tuesday, October 22 2002, 03:09 am

Great poem and stuff

For reals, I liked it. Very touching and mood setting. To say the least I enjoyed it. :)

Didn't enjoy Roy being a bitch yet again though... damn man, chill out on the Seizure guy... geez.
LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, October 22 2002, 06:52 pm

Good Poetry

Hey Gurl...loved the poem. So Sweet and short yet u felt it all.
Roy...i'll post a comment to on one of ur poems. Not worth degrading her poetry......
Loved it babygurl!
Pamela ( -- Wednesday, October 23 2002, 02:35 am


Awesome poem. Thats all I have to say.
smiley ( -- Wednesday, October 23 2002, 10:48 am

tear of sorrow

deeply touches me for the ones I lost and I wish I could be with them for the words that I didn't say--just lost another one the other day and my face is soaked and my eyes clouded with sadness and now I have seizure T/O at me--Babygurl --people taking their life is not the way--most men do this over the woman they love and/or the reflection of their face--lots we don't understand before we lose them--well death is a temperary separation I hope
smiley/roy ( -- Wednesday, October 23 2002, 05:26 pm

tears of sorrow

that is what I'm feeling today after death of dear friend--I guess there is no way out JP--but this poem--why not think about her words?--thanks ya'll we are talking about TEARS OF SORROW--forget about the dumb man smiley/roy--her poem is lost from my comment to seizure over Pamela---forgive --forgive-- please!

Babygurl ( -- Wednesday, October 23 2002, 11:40 pm

Thanks guyz

Just wanted to thank all of you for reading my poem and Im glad you liked it, we've all at one time or another lost a loved one so I felt like everyone could probably feel it. Thanks again.
smiley ( -- Thursday, October 24 2002, 12:12 am

I think

wonderful poem
Luc ( -- Monday, October 28 2002, 05:03 am

no title

first off i really loved the poem. superb ^.^ also can you people please explain all these abbriviations. not everyones a fast thinker or everyone goes with the flow. i still dont get what a hs is. totally loved the poem. though i think i already said that. either way me likes. ^.^
HEAVEN ( -- Monday, December 22 2003, 05:21 am


Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, December 23 2003, 08:56 am


close to home....I truely enjoyed this piece..your writing is absolutely awesome...thanx for sharing...Terrie*..Happy Holidays!
aka trese ( -- Saturday, March 13 2004, 02:10 am

how sweet

i see what you are saying cause i use to be so inlove with this dude intill i lost him and i realized that i lost something great i would do anything to see him again and tell him how i feel.
talk ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2010, 03:18 am


so sad
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