Hopeful Days
Author: Seizure


I want to know, how you regard
Seeing me, broken and scarred
Not coming up, just falling down
It's the sadness in which I drown
I wish I could, spare you from this
It's my life, not happiness
I'm down the road that I've gone before
I can't take this, just please no more
I think it's time to rest again
I have a battle waged deep within

I wish that I could, feel like I should
But it seems, that I can't
And so you, hear me rant
I'll try, for you
It's what I, just should do
But you want, what I'm not
This was my, last shot

Coming close to rock bottom, again I sensed my fate
Again I felt disgust, again I felt the hate
But then all of a sudden, straight out of the blue
A girl that I liked, seemed to like me too
I just felt so happy, when she was around
Her voice soothed my ears, a very beautiful sound
Her touch was so warm, her eyes were always bright
She never hated me, it just seemed so right
I thought life might turn, the other way
Its getting better, I'm hopeful of that day


Comments on this poem/writing:

Marci ( -- Friday, January 10 2003, 05:40 pm

Once again.....

a great poem.... :o)
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, January 10 2003, 09:57 pm


There is a demon in my heart
that tears my kindest thoughts apart
no matter how it is I try
my words are theives, they steal and lie

I am the demon, within myself
there I've said, now I know
I am the demon and solution
I give myself this proclamation

Demon go! I cast you out
from my heart's sacred house
and where you, I do not care
But pray you die..., before you're there.
Pamela ( -- Saturday, January 11 2003, 05:47 pm


I have awaited the day that you would see the good in something or someone and write about it. My words of advice to you regarding this poem are one's of my own expierience. You have found something wonderful in this girl. Hold onto it for all its worth, but if it should happen to slip through your fingers - take the FEELING with you and try to find it again. It can be found in other people, nature, music, writing, etc....
You just have to look.
Loved the poem :o)
Seizure ( -- Saturday, January 11 2003, 07:43 pm


Martin, you're starting to scare me there :). I'm not a religious person and so while your comment was well scripted, it holds little water other than the "deeper" meaning. I appreciate the comment, but still wonder if you even like the writings you've commented on.

Marci, always nice to see you again :).

Pamela, that day is here it would seem. Is it how you expected it? I'll ponder your advice if it starts going downhill, thanks.
Kami ( -- Sunday, January 12 2003, 01:23 am

I can relate....

I really like this one because I am in the same situation, and because it's how I feel in the geart
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, January 12 2003, 02:04 am

Bound to happen

Bound to happen for you some day Seizure I feel happy for you!!
LinzAy ( -- Sunday, January 12 2003, 05:45 pm


Hehe, yea. I'm with Pamela on this one! It surprised me very much......
And hehe...I'm getting kinda lost with Martin too!
Great poem Seizure!
Seizure ( -- Monday, January 13 2003, 02:06 am

You know what i think?

I think Me and Evil are the the same person (same IP addy). It's probably Roy again :). Oh, but for the record, Me/Evil, you want to trash talk my shit? I really don't care! You can shit talk my work all you want. Until you outperform anyone at anything, it holds little to no water though.

And you hate me? Ouch, I'm crying, let me tell you. And would you mind explaining what a "retarde" is so I know what you think I am? Thanks so much.

But since you did, infact, view the poem, I guess that means you eat shit too (according to your own report).*

Now to the people that can accurately get their point across...

Kami, nice to hear from you again. Glad you liked it.

Capricorn, again, your comments are always appreciated! I also appreciate you sticking up for me for that five year old trying to shit talk me :). I had a pretty good laugh about his/her/it's post.

LinzAy, glad I'm surprising some people with this work. I didn't really think it would generate this much attention, but with how surprised some of you are that I can write something in this genre makes me glad it did :).

Thanks again.

* original referenced posts were deleted -Dreamer *
Leah ( -- Wednesday, March 12 2003, 02:09 am

im confused

I am glad you found somone who found u in return. The thing that i am confused about is why would somone (not saying names) comment badly on a poem they didnt like let alone read it?! Personally i think that if you dont like a poem keep it to yourself. No need to tell the poet because frankly they dont care. Have you ever watched Bambi? Well its kind of stupid to quote from Bambi but "If you cant say somthing nice, Dont say anything at all!" And yes that was quoted by Thumper the rabbit. Anyways Great Poem!
Ash ( -- Monday, July 14 2003, 10:50 pm


Seizure this is great and i hope this is true. You are an incredible writer and i hope one day you will find happiness with yourself and someone else
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