Author: Tonya


Sitting here well past midnight, thinking about you.
Reading other's poems, relating and feeling blue.
Trying hard not to cry, I've already cried enough.
You said you knew I could be stronger than this,
but in truth, I'am not that tough.

Now it's easy for you to call me, and act like a casual friend.
I'm glad you got over it, I'm happy your heart could mend.
I want to say I love you, every time we hang up the phone.
Remember, like we always did, when I was not so alone?
But all you say is talk to you later, as if we were never lovers for three years.
Congratulations on moving on, while I'am stuck here with these tears.

I'am meeting other guys, too bad they only want one thing.
Then I compare them to you, and the joy you used to bring.
I feel nothing for them, when they lean in close for a kiss.
At that exact moment it's your handsome face I most miss.

I never call them back, I ignore them when they smile.
I don't even give them a chance, they are not worth the trial.
It's not that I want to hurt them, revenge is not at all on my mind.
I simply do not want anything to do with your kind.

You said if it was meant to be we would find each other, years and years hence.
Stop kidding me, and yourself, stop all your pretense.
You said it to make it easier, while tearing my heart apart.
Now who will pick up and mend, the million pieces of my heart?

Then you asked me if I've kissed anyone, since you broke it off, do you like messing with my head?
Did you know I've been analyzing that entire conversation, everything that was said?

They say time heals all wounds, I wish I could sleep for a year.
I'am sick of all this wasted emotion, I don't want to shed another tear.

Everything reminds me of you, every song, every face I see.
But I have no more pride left, you chose to ignore my pleas.
People look at me with sadness and ask me how I fare.
With tears in my eyes, I lie, and say I do not care.

You say you still want to be friends and you want to go out some night.
Your confusing my emotions, does this mean we will reunite?
Your family was like my family and now it will never be the same.
When I remember my last pleading words to you, my heart fills with shame.

I threw my arms around your neck and asked you to give us one last chance.
With tears pouring down my face, I begged you to remember our perfect romance.
I threw myself at your mercy and begged you to reconsider your descion.
You then gave me such a pretty speech, it was all done with such precision.

You said you would always love me, but that you were not good enough for me.
I screamed that it was my choice, and I was willing to pay the fee.

I thought that you would always be there, that you were the one secure thing in my life.
Who do I now turn to when there is strife?
I'am not saying you are heartless, I saw the tears run down your face.
But I'am so alone now, in this life where is my place?

Take care of our cats, and say goodbye to your family and friends.
I will never forget you, in time I hope I will mend.
I will never hate you, or resent the time we shared.
I know you did love me, I know that you truly cared.

Were you my soulmate, or was it just not meant to be?
Am I destined to roam the earth alone forever, is that to be my decree?

Now my stomach is rumbling with hunger, but I embrace the pain.
I guzzle down the liquor, and feel the fire through my veins.
I love to feel the hunger, I enjoy the effects of the rum.
It's better not to feel your absence,
It's better to feel numb.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Charmaine ( -- Tuesday, December 9 2003, 04:05 pm


Perfect poem and the emotions reallie show..I noe how you feel, cuz I'ver been thru the same's just so hard to move on..with them giving confusing signals too..
Ashley R ( -- Sunday, December 14 2003, 01:43 am


This is like what evry girl goes through after a break up. For anyone who has had a break-up, i highly recommend this poem!
cr ( -- Wednesday, December 17 2003, 08:55 pm


this is exactly what i am feeling at this precise moment, my boyfriend of 2 years and 8mths broke it off with me, and its really killing me inside. i pleaded with him to stay with me but he said lets be the best of friends but how can i do that and pretend like nothing ever happened between us. it hurts alot and i feel your pain. Fantastic Job. it is really hard to move on but hey maybe we can both do it !
Tears ( -- Wednesday, May 18 2005, 08:07 pm


i really can relate to this poem im going through this rite now...its hard and this poem is like EVERY word that ive been thinking word for sorry you going through it to but im glad that i can relate and im not the only person that this is happing to because ive tried to explain it to my now ex but he doesnt understand...keep writting
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