The Ghost Of D'vielle Manor
Author: Scorpio


     "Follow me..." whispered the unknown voice echoing only unto Elise's ears through the darkened corridor.

      Seemingly curious over the mischief of this voice's torment, Elise has come from one end of the mansion to the other, less known, rooms which were kept safely tucked between the eerie manor's walls. Lightning began to echo beyond the rooms, illuminating only from windows uninsured by the dark, overpowering velvet curtains.

     Elise paused a moment to hear soft pats against the floor, as though someone walking, whom had just came in from the rain. Kneeling over to wait until the next shine of the lightning's gaze, this voice's body was no where to be found. And yet, as though the voice urged her to follow, steps were heard throughout the room.

      Carefully watching as lightning now finally illuminated its portion of the room through holes and uncovered places the tattered curtains could not hide, on the floor, as each step was taken, as well, its imprint of blood-madden horror. As each step relieved unto its next, so did the blood vanish. Elise's bewilderment did not cease there. For, by the time she followed the voice and steps into the next room, came the more urged and ghost-emitting whisper"Come on! Hurry!"

     Taking a left down the hallway, each door seemed to hold its own secret, whispers and emits of history untold echoing beyond each room it derived from. All this was tempting, and only for this night until years beyond it's present year, thought Elise continued to follow, for this mystery seemed to hold an answer all its own, which she held the utmost curiosity to figure out.

     The last door, on the far end of the hallway, was where the steps stopped to. Reaching out a slim and pale hand to grasp the door, Elise could hear her heart pounding heavily within her ears. Never in her life time, had she ever come across something so supernatural and to feel the cold surreal of death’s presence right to her core. Turning the silver-kissed knob of the frozen handle, the door slowly began to inch its way unto opening. Suddenly jerked into the room, Elise’s legs felt heavy and frozen. Trying to move, thought her body spoke against her, the room began to flash red. Vengeful whispers screeched through her ears,

     “They took my baby!” Eyes grown wide at the rage within this mystery untold, Elise began to worry.

      Immediately after all of this, everything became silent and calm. At this moment, the fainted cries of the infant years began to emit its way through the room, soon growing louder, until finally emitted in blood-curdling screams of a mere child.

     As the next flash of lightning occurred, against the wall straight ahead of Elise’s view, was a portrait of a vaguely aristocratic mother and an infant within her arms.

------- Author's Notes -------

This is poorly written, but then again, I don't know much about writing properly and whatnot. But this is a short tale I wrote within my spare time. I'm planning on making a series of short stories like this, evolving into Elise's Mysteries. It's about a young girl who moves into her grandfather's mansion (D'Vielle Manor) and him being quite cruel, she stays out of his way, only to find exploration as her entertainment. This is one of the mysteries she finds while exploring down the forbidden corridor of the darkest places within the manor.


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Blair ( -- Wednesday, February 23 2005, 09:30 pm

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No comments yet? I'm Shocked. this is really good. I'll read the series if no one else will!
Cute girl you don't know! ( -- Thursday, May 19 2005, 09:03 pm


When ya going to finish this series? or was this a practice write? Hmmmm, in any case, it's really good. Happy haunting!
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