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Creeping into the room, like an eerie night’s luminescence, the fog graced its presence within the scene. Elise’s gaze never left the looming portrait, until the fog began to blind her view. The moon’s rays now were masked with darkness, the whispering willows refusing to tell of its passing. A sudden hush took place, not a sound, and by this time, the shivers on her spine grew intense. Though fear sung like a canary within her bindings, her voice out spoke her, chanting in some sort of tongue. As the room returned to normal, this supernatural chant seeming to be advancing, as well was something lurking in the shadows. It came from behind – Elise screamed.

“Elise… Elise?” asked the soft voice beside her as her eyes struggled to open. The familiar face smiled within the dimly-lit room, gesturing to the side table, upon which it held a tall glass of liquid, the faint smell of onions wafting about from the contents.

“There, there,” spoke the voice gently as she tried to rub the sleep from her dreary eyes.

“Drink some, the doctor spoke to us and said it be the only cure, though said not to be truly effective. Hopefully, it will be so. You aren’t to leave your chambers for a long time.”

Drowsiness seemed endless in a haze, as Elise managed to sit up. The face’s detail was much clearer now, the image of older kin. Well-toned, strongly built and with the caring face. His blond hair seemed to curl about in his chiseled features, as he smiled. A soft murmur escaped Elise’s lips, shaky in doubt, “J-John?”

“Aye,” came the reply. John leaned inward to emit a brotherly kiss upon Elise’s forehead, only to detect small discomfort of a cold, pale, and sweat-drenched face.

“What is it? Are you- Little sister!”

Elise’s complexion was phenomenally drained compared to the average person’s; pale and derived from all tan. As though it seemed the life itself was drained from every pore, blood still coursed through her weak veins.

John laid a hand upon Elise’s forehead, quickly retrieving by the cold touch. Her sweat-midden body seemed limp as Elise’s corpse refused to move. After a few moments, John hesitated to call for the doctor, and at the precise moment, a sudden jerk widened optics; wide blue and full of innocence. As John gazed into those eyes, he watched as the entire soul merely left. Quickly reacting, John checked for any pulsations, and though he swore he felt he heard her heart beat, she neither moved nor breathed. At this, John silently weeped.

------- Author's Notes -------

This is the prologue to a story I'm writing. I'm in the process of working on Chapter 1, but it's getting complex to come up with a bit more inspiration to stretch out the story. Nonetheless, this is a vampire story, and there's a lot of plots. Every time I finish a chapter, I'll post it up here. But I would really appreciate some constructive criticism so I can improve. In the prologue, it explains about a young 17 year old girl who's dreaming in the first paragraph, and her dying moments with her older brother, John. As I said, the story will have a lot of twists in the plots, so what you read in this will probably alter very much by the 2-3 chapters.


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Blair ( -- Wednesday, February 23 2005, 09:48 pm

no title

That is awesome! I can't wait till Chapter One comes out. Post it soon!
Wouldn't you like to know... ( -- Thursday, May 19 2005, 09:08 pm

When will it be?

When are ya gonna write the series? i want to read it!
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