The Bird
Author: Capricorn


A bird lived in a golden cage,
time came to set her free;
amongst the fruitful foliage,
high up in the tree.

She trembled as she spread her wings,
and began to fly away.
Life soon made her want to sing,
and love each happy day.

Returning to her old abode,
remembered her old life.
Respect and love shown on return,
was soon changed into strife.

Depart from her new life she must,
to stay so near that cage.
She felt a pain deep in her heart,
which soon turned into rage!

Her soul began to suffocate.
resentment soon set in.
Love festered into hate,
and her soul died within.

When the birds are free to fly,
from freedom love will grow.
If you take them from their tree,
love may die, not overflow.


Comments on this poem/writing:

BARB ( -- Tuesday, February 11 2003, 03:55 pm


nice writing it feels good to let others know your rage . doesn't it. Cap you should put all your poems together and put them in book form.
Luc ( -- Tuesday, February 11 2003, 10:10 pm

it was nice. another wonderful poem cap. and i agree with barbd you should put them together in a book form.
Mark Spencer ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 01:57 am

Well said.

We all feel as a caged bird at times Capricorn. My business is my cage, and at times my family can make me feel fenced in as well. I flew away from all of that once, not long ago. What I discovered during that sabbatical amazed me. Though I was free to roam to and fro as I wished, unfettered by the worries of running a business and pleasing a family, I was still not happy. Freedom turned out to be just a bigger cage. So I came home to the people and things I love, a little older and a little wiser. This cage is my home, and I missed it when I was away. But I do know how that bird feels, for I was once like her. You write very well Capricorn. I'm impressed with this work.

Ghost ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 06:40 am

well well well.......

Quite a piece of work.....but im curious....and this is quite off topic im there anywhere on this website that you may post a decently long story, or do you simply put it in the poem submission form? As for your poem, very good job, i wont go so far to tell my own perception of it that i may throw off someones own dream perceived through it, but i will go so far to say it brought joy to my day....for how ever long ill be allowed to have it.......

Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 06:32 pm

Your words have strength, just like your wings..

Freedom is a gift, sometimes from heaven, sometimes from hell. However, I find there is a purpose, no matter where we fly, no matter how high or how low. The distance traveled and the lessons learned during our freedom's flight, is nothing compared to what we realize, when its time to come home again, from a long and revealing flight. I understand you have flown into the golden warmth of sunlight and into the thunder of the storm, but you have survived, not matter what the form. In your poem, you said, "She trimbled as she spread her wings," I love that line. Into freedom did she sail, and many songs, she learned to sing. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that coming home, was not the place to be? Well, anyway, your wings are stronger now, so, I say to you, Fly sweet bird of freedom and let us hear you Sing. Cap. I feel your words, more than a poem, its a realistic part of life. To me, your words fly, and fly high, may the wind always be at your back.

2 Ghost ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 07:52 pm

Relatively long poems, stories, yes, this site offers it.

Ghost, dreamersreality offers a wide variety of formats in which to present your work. As you will note, poems that are in story form are marked with *, I suggest that you find out for yourself by reviewing a poetic presentation by Mark Spencer, this work is called "The Visitor."

Although you do not ask, I say that Mark is a master of this format. Hey, take a look, you have nothing to loose and WE, have a lot to gain. We await your work.

From all of us at dreamersreality, welcome, now write!

Capricorn ( -- Friday, February 14 2003, 11:37 pm

Barb and Luc

Thanks for your of poems, perhaps, one day!
Capricorn ( -- Friday, February 14 2003, 11:55 pm

To mark Spencer

Thank you for commenting on this poem, I'm glad it caused you to reflect on your life. In a way I think we all have our cage and restrictions, but as you say complete freedom can have its drawbacks too.
The bird I wrote about is not exactly in that cage but very close to it (Stanza 4) and is about someone who is living near her elderly mother who is becoming forgetful, confused and very demanding.After spending 21 years of caring for her disabled son, she is tired and needs freedom rather than another commitment. I expect you can guess who that bird is!!
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, February 15 2003, 12:03 am

To Ghost

Thank you for reading and commenting on this poem. If you read my reply above you will see if your perception was correct!Martin has told you how to submit your writing so I hope to read some of it soon.
I hope some more of my work may bring you some joy another day.........for as long as you are allowed to have it!
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, February 15 2003, 12:08 am

To Matin V.

Thank you once again for commenting on my poem. Your words that this is more than a poem but a realistic part of lif is quite true, and my explanation of the bird in the poem is in my reply to Mark. I hope she will get the freedom to fly again soon!
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, February 27 2003, 09:20 pm

I could print it, but, I want you to know I read it, over & over.


I can't tell you why, but this poem has touched something in me that I can "NOT" find. One of my few feelings that I can't express with words. I have tried, but each time I read it, your words means more and more. Like your words are young, like babies, and babies grow.

I love this poem.

Capricorn ( -- Friday, February 28 2003, 11:28 pm


It has made me happy that someone has perhaps felt what I was feeling when I wrote this poem. I feel so flattered that you even read it more than once. Feel free to print it if you want.
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