Author: Capricorn


When anger bubbles in a witches brew;
Watch out! that spell might be for you.
A volcano errupting day or night,
spewing out larvae with all its might.

Anger is sometimes hard to control,
spitting out poisonous darts from your soul.
Spitting angry words that hurt who they hit,
watch that poison and where it may get.

Poison festers and is bad for your soul,
so better spit it out, don't lose control;
be careful that the poison is not passed on.
This is not a game to play on and on.

Games of words should not be played,
when that brew of anger has been made.
As the fire dies out and the lavae cools down,
you'll say your sorry, for the witch has gone!.


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Tuesday, January 21 2003, 08:18 pm

my feelings too

cap when I get angry. I noticed I let it get to me don't want to hurt their feelings so I'm careful what I say keeping alot inside. Not good you're right when angry say it or your anger will turn to rage. you'll regret what you do or say. Good writing I have felt like this. people have no problem telling me so Why should we have trouble.
Luc ( -- Tuesday, January 21 2003, 11:01 pm

i agree with her on that last line. people have no problem telling things to us so why should we. nice barb.nice poem. :)
KristyD. ( -- Wednesday, January 22 2003, 02:29 am


I totally agree with barb on that comment... I alwayz seem to be the one to keep things inside while everyone else has no problem layin everything on me! Great poem!
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, January 22 2003, 07:57 am


Very good poem Cap. Made me think of a lot of times i've been hurt by angry words and a lot of times i've hurt others with angry words then it was all done and somewhat forgotten.......good poem
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, January 26 2003, 12:36 am

Barb, Luc,Kristyd. &LinzAy

Thank you for your comments. I agree we often find it hard to say how we feel until we `explode'....we shouldn't be afraid to say before it gets to that stage
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, February 4 2003, 09:55 pm

Words can heal and words can kill!

Words of anger, bolted to a bullet, once fired, they hit their mark. Now, we are sorry, we meant not such harm, to late, you unfeeling idiot, you fired the words of anger and sadley, they found their mark.

Cap, I'm not trying to re-write your work, this is what you shared with me, this is what I heard within myself, I heard your words and thank you.

We should all as you expressed, be conscious of what our words can do when fired with anger, oh, the damage they can do!

Cap, excellnet lesson in your words, they have meaning and again, I learn from another willing to share, just be nice or just walk away.

Ghost ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 06:51 am

Is that so....

Funny, i always figured that by holding in rage it only grows.....i would be in much better mental shape and write freely and learn to be what many people have been refering to as "happy", i did enjoy this poem very much and of course i may not understand youre meaning, but my perception of it is very comforting....good writing....i hope soon ill be able to pick up a pencil and write again....believe full of words....gj....have a good day...

Capricorn ( -- Friday, February 28 2003, 11:35 pm

To Martin and ghost

Have only just noticed your comments. I am glad you enjoyed. I wrote this when I could feel anger "bubbling" inside me and I realised i should talk about things before anger really took hold and I said things I would regret.
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