There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Author: Capricorn


Where is the light at the tunnel's end?
When is it coming on....please send!
That light has flickered long enough
It should be made of stronger stuff

Has that light been switched off again?
If the light is coming on, please tell me when
I think it's time I had a break
For my share of life to take

A light is at the end of the tunnel I was told
But I'm still searching and I'm getting old
The tunnel is so long and dark and grim
Where is the light now it seems so dim?

When I see the light I begin to feel joy
But it's very short-lived,like a new Christmas toy
It soon seems to flicker and then go out
What is this life really all about?

Sometimes I only see suffering and pain
Please switch that light back on again!
A good light would surround me with brightness and life
But all I seeem to get is sadness and strife!

I need some hope that the light will come on
And be so bright, and go on and on
But where is the light at the tunnel's end
Will it ever stay on, never to end?


Comments on this poem/writing:

Dino ( -- Tuesday, December 10 2002, 07:40 pm

Very deep Wow!

Thanks Cap! The way I see it and it's just my view. That light at the tunnels end is a one way street. I watched my Dad go down that street, as I watched him go, and I always wonder? Where has he gone? I don't think your ready, because your needed here. When the times come, It will be a nice journey, because you are a nice person, and your suffering and pain will be no more. I sometimes look for that light myself,just to see what it's like and have a peek. But find myself back again. Very nice and deep poem. I like it! Thanks for sharing.
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, December 11 2002, 10:59 pm


One thing I love about poems, Dino, is that often different people see different things in them.I love your interpretation and it's given me a lot of `food for thought'

We have a saying in the U.K. that `There's a light at the end of the tunnel'..This means that when you are going through a bad patch in your life, it's like you're in a long dark tunnel but there is always a light at the end signifying your troubles are over.Me and my friend often have a giggle .... `that lights flickering again' when yet another problem in our lives crop up.I wrote this poem when I was feeling `down' with problems and felt bad that the light was flickering again.

Yes life is full of tunnels,but I'm not ready for my final one just yet!...but like you I wonder what the final light will be like... shining on forever!

Thanks for your kind comments.
The Geezer ( -- Thursday, December 12 2002, 03:47 am


Thanks! I thought there was another way at looking at this. I had no idea and was trying. Good food indeed, you got any more? I'm hungry for more. Many ways at looking at a poem from each person. Honey bucket was one, Hahahahehehoho! See ya!
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, December 12 2002, 10:03 am


More food for thought Dino! Have you heard of the `near death experience' some people have when they die momentarily but are later resusitated back to life! Their spirit is supposed to come out of their bodies and float up so that they look down at their own bodies while people are trying to save their life. Then they begin a journey which seems through a dark tunnel with a light at the end and they often see faces of their loved ones smiling, waiting for them. But then if it is not their time to leave this world, they go back down the tunnel to the place where their life has just been saved. Many people have had this experience. Doctors, scientists etc have given scientific possibilities for this happening, but it is strange that is is such a similar experience for everyone. I like to think that at the end there will be a tunnel I can travel through with a light shining and all my family and friends (and pets!) that have gone before waiting for me! How about you Dino?

Wow! I am getting deep this morning...just another tunnel! Yes I'll not forget the honey bucket Hhaha!!

Wish you would join us on the forum, could do with someone interesting and `chatty' like you. It's not like a chat room... you just leave a message when you have time.
The Geezer ( -- Thursday, December 12 2002, 08:54 pm

Deep Dish

Deep dish of food here Cap. Too much to swallow. I've watched a TV special on it. Seems like they only go so far in, and back. No ones gone all the way, still a mystery? I've witness so much personel death in my life time, starting with Viet-Nam, grandparents, parents, relatives, in-laws, friends. But none hit me harder the watching my Dad's life drain from him, day and night. Starting with his feet, then his eyes, and finally to his brain and his heart last. He thought I was his dad's voice, makes me wonder, is he waiting for him at the end of that tunnel of light? When he said "Is that you Dad?" I guess we will never know, untill it is our turn. I hope he is there, along with the rest of my love ones. I will be looking, and I am not afraid. Wow! This is a deep dish. It's been fun. Maybe I'll check out that forum someday.But I don't like chatrooms. I've got in trouble with that already, wasn't pretty, if you catch my drift. Aloha nui loa and mahalo. See ya!
Capricorn ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 09:58 am

Thanks Dino

Thanks Dino for sharing your experiences and thoughts with me.It's a long time since my Grandparents died, and both my parents are still here, but getting old now.I've only seen pets die, and that has been heartbreaking enough.It is good to feel that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel to meet loved ones again.

I don't think I write quick enough to keep up in a chat room, that's why I like the your own time. Don't know what happened to you in that chat room but my imagination's running riot!! Haha!!
See you on the forum sometime!!
Capricorn ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 10:00 am


Forgot to ask what `Aloa nui loa and mahalo' means and what island are you from?
The Geezer ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 08:49 pm

Aloha nui loa!

Thanks again. Aloha(Good-bye,love,regards) nui loa(large,alot,much) mahalo(thanks). So Cap! Aloha nui loa and mahalo nui loa to you. Much regards and thank you very much. Chat-room, I'll ease your imagination so you don't think something bad. A girl from my rock & roll band's past(60's) got a hold of my E-mail address. All hell broke out here, with her, me, my wife was so upset. So much friction, that this computer almost ended up in street, in the garbage can. It brought evil into this house. I don't argue and avoid it at all cost. I never win anyway! The Island I'm from? I was born in the middle of the pineapple field, Camp Brodie#2, on Oahu, Hawaii. A local boy, tan surfer that tourist houle(white) girls love to meet.Just kidding, those where the days of being a playboy at Waikiki Beach. Hey I talk too much, now the world knows who I am. Oh well, Hi world! I'm Dino(The dirt-biking geezer). Thanks again, See ya!
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, December 14 2002, 12:29 am

Aloha nui loa and mahalo

Thanks interesting!! Be proud of who you are!..and don't worry you can have your e.mail with-held off the forum. Anyway, I'll see yousoon on another poem..I think we're wearing out this page!Haha!! Aloha nui and mahalo!
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