Swords Of Good, Evil, And Life
Author: Andrew James Ball


In the realm of good
A sword of good was created
They called it “ The Sword of Light”.

Its handle is made from the wood of the cross
That Christ was crucified on
Wrapped in cowhide
And dipped in silver.

Three special jewels were placed into its handle
Two of diamond
And one of pearl.

Its blade is of steel
Forged from the sun
Mixed with holy water
And fused with a single feather
From the angel Gabriel
The sword radiates his own light.

A cross was etched into either side of the blade
It represents the Father Son and the Holy Ghost
At times of great need
It will shine with the white light from the Holy Spirit.

For only Gabriel the Left Hand of God
Can summon the sword to his side
For it is he who shall use its powers
To vanquish evil and end Armageddon
The war between Heaven and Hell.

But another sword was made
For in the realm of evil
The “Sword of Darkness”
As they called it was made.

The handle is made from human bones
It’s wrapped in dragons hide
And dipped in blood.

Three powerful jewels were set into it
Two of ruby
And one of black pearl.

Its blade is of black steel
Forged by the fires of Hell
Mixed with the blood of a demon
And fused with werewolf venom.

On both sides of the blade is etched a “D”
It stands for Darkness Demon and Devil
Who had created it
At times of great need
It will shine bright red.

Its power serves only the dark
And only evil can call it to its side
For evil created it for Armageddon
Soon all good shall feel its blade.

The time grows nearer
When the two realms shall fight
And Armageddon will begin.

Now good and evil march onward
To meet each other at the battle line
Two of the greatest army’s to have ever existed
Fight to the death.

The battle rages on
Many people were caught in the cross fire
So many innocent bloods were shed.

The two swords were brought out to the battle
The swords were raised high in the air
And were swung with all their might.

When they clashed together
The ringing of the swords was so loud
That everyone stopped fighting
And watched the holders of the swords fight.

It seemed that victory
Was going to be determined
By this sword fight.

When the two swords meet again
They shown with light
The swords and the beholders of the swords
Were cast into stone
They both became living statues.

At last the war is over
And everything can return back to normal.

A thousand years have past
Within that time the status
Had crumbled away
Only leaving the swords
Where they lay.

A blacksmith found the swords
He took them back to his shop
And there he fused them together.

He replaced the handle of the new sword
With wood from the tree of life
He wrapped it in leather
And dipped it in liquid gold.

Three sacred jewels were put into the handle
One of tigers eye
And two of opal.

The blade he tempered in the blood of the earth
He fused it with titanium
To give it more strength
It now shines silver in the light.

The maker etched a tree onto either sides of the blade
The tree represents the tree of life
Which he cut down to make the handle
So he honored the tree
In return for it’s life
He called the sword “The Sword of Life”.

Its maker feared of what could happen
If evil got its hands on it
For its power was to great
That he so discovered that day.

So he had it banished to Atlantis
Where no man could reach it.

A spell was cast upon it
So only one who is strong willed
Can call it to their side
And wield all its wonder.

That day has arrived
For someone has called to it
And it’s heard that call.

Atlantis has arisen
And the sword of Life with it.

The angle Michael
Lifted the sword up
And swung it around
To hear its song of old.

Michael called out “My gods
I give you the ‘Sword of Life’”
He threw it into the air
And something caught it.

“Thank you
We’ll cherish it always”
Replied two soothing voices.

A man draped in light
And a woman dressed in light
Stood there holding the sword together.


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