Thank You All! - Ppl From Dreamersreality
Author: Britney


You people say i'm talented what can I say?
I really like to thank you in every possible way.
From giving me these comments that really make
me smile. You people are the one's that really keep
me writing.

From everyday stress to lifeless tests.
You give me the courage to have another day.
I write a poem so negative or positive indeed.
You write something so positive it really
makes me speak.

If I could tell how much I really cared I don't
think I would be able to explain how much is there.
So for everthing I write or everyday I see. I'm really
pleased to see people like me for me.

Theres never a day I can really go to show
how much I love you people so. You are the
true hero's in my lovely eyes. Always keep on
shining and never give up in life! I'm pleased
to see you smile from the things I say I hope
you really like the postive things I say.

Because you really deserve the best in life
That's why i'm so nice to people like you.
You people are also talented in the things
you enjoy and really do (poetry).

So as I write my last paragraph smiling with joy.
I'm so pleased to meet a site with wonderous
people in store. Thank you for who has commented
on everything i've done. People like you are the
one's that should get the award!

------- Author's Notes -------

I decided to DEDICATE this poem to people from this site like Terrie, Meridian, Alan, Silent Witness, Angel In Tears....and all the others that keep me motivated to writing. I really enjoy hearing your peoples comments. I'm so glad you guys really enlighten my days. DEDICATED to all of you! ~Britney~


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 03:31 pm

Britney, my sweet child...

O WOW!!! This is quite a is such a great honor to be thought of so warmly and highly by such an excellent "Poetress"
sweetie your words definently shine..i am at a loss for words...can you imagine that?? me a loss for words....well you know the words that come from my heart..your heart is full of love and the words you write are born from there...and we all enjoy reading what flows from soul smiles upon you every time you are at your P.c creating somethin' new...keep shinnin' that star in the sky that bears your reward is coming here and finding pleasure in reading your hearts work...that is a reward i can always carry w/me in my are our motivation...(whisperin'..thank you...)....Terrie*
Britney ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 05:35 pm


I'm here in class reading this. And everything you have just written made my day a whole lot better. Terrie* I can't stop smiling. Well you really motivate me to write. I'm so happy you find me as a star as I do with you too!!! *SMILES* I'm so glad you love reading work that comes within me. I really thought I should write something about the people that keep me going and one is YOU!!!!! Thanks a million Terrie*. Love You always, ~Britney~ *smiling so much*
Meridian ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 07:01 pm

What can I say girl?

Thanks a lot Britney! I mean REALLY, THANK YOU! I'm glad me and others are able to inspire you and motivate you to carry on, when things look bleak. That's what we're here for; to lift each other up, when we are low in spirit. Yep! If I hadn't put a smile to your face, I can say you put one to mine! Keep writing and posting, even when you get one hundred and seven and will have to use a cane to get to the computer! In your first stanza, you are very much so talented!
Thanks again Britney! You are definitely welcome!
Sistah love,
silent witness ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 07:41 pm


Girl you have just made my day!! Thank You for being you and for sharing your talents with all of us here on the site being a newbie myself it fills me with pride that you take my words of encouragement so triumphantly--Brit u are an awesome writer w/ a mastry of concept and words Girl let your light shine you are one of the great ones!! Thanks alot it means alot--u rock outloud!!
barb ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 07:49 pm

so nice

Britany I haven't commented alot ,but your dedication to the site was so uplifting and real I could sense your sencerity. You write from your heart and to me that's the best writing. keep sharing your heart.
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 08:07 pm

no title

Like barb I have not commented on many of your poems,but you have let your presence be known with your great talent for writing and also kind comments on other peoples poems.keep it going britney!!!
Angel in Tears ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 08:47 pm

Hey girl!

What a wonderful surprise!lol Well I doubt that you need any inspiration, because you just float with words,but Im glad that I made a difference.:)Your so thoughtful! Oh gosh! Really wonderful!You have made my day! Great poem by the way,:p.Keep writing my girl!xxx
Britney ( -- Wednesday, April 13 2005, 12:28 am


Wow i'm over here like stunned. I really don't know what to say i'm so shocked. What a poem can do....! You guys are wonderful. thanks so much for these comments!!!!!! I feel like crying lol. I'm smiling so big. I'm glad this was a wonderful out turn!!!! Wow lol. I will keep writing. And I do write from the heart. I'm glad you think i'm talented! It's ok if you haven't really commented too!!!! Thanks a million you guys! You really made my day. Love you all alots! ~Britney~
Alan ( -- Wednesday, April 13 2005, 06:51 am


hey there touched that you dedicated a poem to the people of this community,how much more can you be praised when everyone here has already put into words about how good YOUR poems are,well maybe just once more...teehee.....yes you are talented,your poems have touched me in one way or another. So if you going to cry then here take this box of kleenex (remember i have shares in the company).Well hopefully you will keep posting your poems so that we cn read such wonderful poetry in motion.....Alan
Britney ( -- Wednesday, April 13 2005, 02:01 pm


Hey. Thanks for posting thise nice comment. I was hoping you were gonna read this.I'm glad you are touched by this poem and other poems I write I hope some of it really helps you if you need help.Aw thanks for saying i'm talented. My poems... Box of kleenex lol thanks just my nose is running instead. I will try to keep posting more poems. ~Britney~ :)
anonymous ( -- Thursday, April 14 2005, 06:44 am

1 of 100's

just wanted to say, thanks for sharing your poems with us..even though i don't no what to say...we really appriciate your work and talent..
Britney ( -- Thursday, April 14 2005, 06:04 pm


Well thanks. You don't really have to say anything. Just thanks for leaving a comment it means much to me. Glad you appreciate my work and talent. *smiles* ~Britney~
Alan ( -- Friday, April 15 2005, 08:54 pm

Runny nose?

keep writing cos YOU write good and you know this so :P
Britney ( -- Saturday, April 16 2005, 06:48 pm


Thanks Alan. I will keep writing. Your one of my inspirations
Taylor James ( -- Monday, April 18 2005, 06:35 pm

wkd poem

hi britney,jus to sya that this poem is so good,that you thought of all the people who wrote a commment on ur poems.u r a fantastic writer.keep it up mlove **Taylor**
Britney ( -- Tuesday, April 19 2005, 01:55 am


Thank you alot from your comment. I am overly excited that you thought it was good and that u think im a good writer...!!! thanks a million. ~Britney~
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