Road Rage

A little blue car pulled up, driving beside me just before I reached the stoplight for my turn off. I looked out my side window and this old santa looking man with white hair and beard was obviously yelling obscenities while looking in my direction as he drove beside me. I had no idea what his problem was and looked away toward the road I was driving down. I noticed at the stop light he was no longer beside me but behind me he didn’t have his lights on. I didn’t give it much thought.

I turned and drove thru the little town and down the road over the bridge. As I came to a stoplight I glanced in my rear view mirror and the angry man was getting out of his car, on a busy road, and coming over to my car. I immediately locked the door and I could see he was again yelling obscenities at me. This time it was obviously at me.

It was probably a foolish thing to do but I rolled down my window just a bit. “What IS your problem” I asked him.

“You almost ran me over and ran me off the road back there, that’s what the problem is. What the hell is wrong with you?” he shouted back at me quite angrily.

Being that it was nearly dark I looked back and his car was there behind mine door wide open and still had no lights on. Thinking to myself someone is really gonna hit you with your stupid self standing in the middle of the busy road.

But instead. While closing the window simply and matter of factly said.. “Maybe you should turn your lights on..” He started going back to his car still shouting at me and flipped me off.. I saluted him back.

I hadn’t even seen him till he pulled up beside me. Only place it could have happened would have been in the passing lane of a 4 lane highway as I was merging to make my turn and he may have been partially behind me in my blind spot. There was no traffic on that road so running him off the road would have been hard to do being 4 lanes. I will admit it is possible it had happened.

He didn’t have any lights on which being past dusk all the other cars on the road did. If he had been in my mirrors blind spot at the time it was most definitely possible it had happened as he had said. I didn’t see him. If he had his lights on I would have. But he didn’t so it was part due to his neglect too. It was unfortunate but what was done was done.

Perhaps it would have been better for me simply to say, I was sorry and I would be more careful.. But his over reaction and his obvious stupidity, of not having his lights on in the dark.. (45, minutes past dusk), and now standing in the middle of a road with traffic going by shouting at me about almost running him over, only led me to react the way I did.

I really was not upset or intimidated by his actions as he probably wanted me to be. I was completely cool, calm and collected. The light turned before he could even get back in his car and I continued to travel on up the road. I noticed he was still behind me. I was keeping my eye on this rather strange enraged person. I turned from a turning lane on the highway onto a side street.. Again he followed me. He finally turned his lights on.

I wasn’t about to let him follow me home so decided to turn and make sure he was following me by going right back the direction I came; down a side road that paralleled the highway I was just on. Sure enough, I was right. He was following me.

I decided to do the old trick I learned when I was a kid. If someone is following you drive to the police station. I was still strangely calm with no real fear, after all I was in my territory. I had drove almost a full circle to start right back in the direction I had just come from and sure enough he was still right behind me.

I arrived at the stoplight that was the turn to the police station. I guess perhaps he figured out what I was going to do and decided to give up or was getting tired of wasting his fuel following me in circles and was going to just go back to going about his business.

From the passing lane, while I waited for the light to make my turn, he was still glaring at me and cussing me. I didn’t look his direction only out of the corner of my eye as he was trying to make that intimidating eye contact with me that was not working.

I still drove to the police department and waited at the stop sign in front of the station for a minute waiting to see if he would back track around again. He didn’t

I watched my rear view mirror all the way home.. I was going thru a busy part of town so anywhere I would have pulled in there would have been help had I needed it. Not to mention I had my cell phone if needed to call for help.

I have to wonder about a person that gets that mad. Perhaps it angered him more that he didn’t intimidate me when he got out and tried to get in my face… My lack of reaction to him. Or maybe I was just that last straw on an already bad day.

My lack of adrenalin reaction does bother me a bit though. My heart didn’t race. My blood pressure didn’t seem to raise. He could have gotten out with a gun and shot me.

Have I gotten so used to peoples raging at me on my job that someone angry has no effect anymore? Ah well.. just another adventure of life.

I hope he makes it home okay..

Lost Tomb of Jesus, Why Not

I just finished watching the Documentary on the Discovery channel called The Lost Tomb of Jesus. After I was finished watching it, which I did with an open mind, they had Ted Kopel rip it apart with the so called experts.

The first thing they brought up, and kept bringing up, was the little visual excerpts of the how life might have looked if it had been the way things were pointing. They seemed to think that by watching those little re-enactments we would be swayed to believe everything was true fact and all viewers would believe everything being put before us without question. As if it took our free thinking abilities would be taken away from us.
Come on, Documentaries of archaeological shows do it all the time.. Think of all the shows in Egypt when they are going into the tombs. It keeps us interested. Depicting theory by demonstration is what documentaries do of any ancient event.
Give people credit for some intelligence we know that it not a true news feed of something that really happened with absolute proof of realism. They are like artists renderings of people they never seen.. Lets face it some of the most famous pictures of Jesus make him look like he was blond Caucasian sitting amongst a dozen or so perfectly clean Caucasian children. Yet those are the pictures donned by our churches and put on walls in thousands of houses around the world. But do they compare the movie makers renderings to their false pictures as idols they want us to pray to.

They cut that defence off twice while letting the “experts” go on with archological porn references and insulting the viewing pubic by saying we could not have our own minds if we see and actors rendering of a possible way things might have happened.

Time and time again the writer/film maker is attacked for his rendering of how things may have occurred. He is attacked for the way he edited his documentary. There is no possible way a person with a limited amount of time could show all the possibilities.

To me the show was to open door to new possibilities to peak the interest of people with the money to follow up his findings and explore them further. To let people think for themselves.. Hmmmm what if?

Did these “expert” people forget to read the disclaimers at the beginning and end of the movie inviting people to come to their own decisions. It wasn’t as though the film maker was saying this it the truth leaving no room for open debate. He wrote his film to open debate and for open minds.

Debating should not be cutting him down for his depictions of the reenacting the possibilities of events. Come on Ted Kopel want was that all about? The only person that made any sense to me at all was the woman with the theologians.. I forget her name but she seemed to be the only sensible one there. Of course they barely let her talk.

I think Simcha Jacobovici and James Cammeron did a fine job of making this film. It succeeded in bringing to light the possibilities in the discoveries in the tomb.
it is possible that Jesus was able to rise on Easter Sunday without his physical bones. As a spiritual being that he was. Whether this was the real tomb of Jesus’ Family I don’t feel I am really the judge of such things. With the history of the inaccuracies of many of the biblical accounts and exclusions I have learned of over the years. I think this is a subject that needs further investigation.

I think the little clips of depictions of the times 2000 years ago were good and added a bit of extra interest in the show but unlike the “experts” I do not feel that people watching this show were influenced by the acting into thinking it was a true fact being acted out.. Most people know the difference between pretend and real.. and lets face it can anyone really know what happened 2000 years again in the streets in Jerusalem.

When it comes down to it no one will ever have perfect proof.. After all we weren’t there. No one living was there and as far as I know even the church does not have Jesus’s DNA so there is no way of proving that there wasn’t another family with 9 members in the same 100 years of generation all buried in the same place with the same names as the most famous biblical historical family.

Will we ever have proof positive one way or the other. Even after more forensic study… I doubt it.. Is it worth more study? Why Not???

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