War on Lack of Responsibility

When I grew up things were different than they are now. Our parents were responsible for how their children acted. If their children did things that were not right they faced the consequences of the law. Back then if your child got out of line you could send them out to the local tree to get a switch that would then be used on their bottoms to remind them of the responsibility of their actions. Sometimes the search for the switch that was going to be used on their bottoms was much more traumatic and lesson learning, than the switching they were going to get.

Though I rarely ever remember being spanked as a child. (when I did I knew it was deserved) just a belt hanging over the door handle of my mother and father’s bedroom door was a firm reminder of what “could” happen if I decided to break the rules and forgot that I was responsible for my behaviors.

Working with the public in customer service I work on accounts of dozens of people every day that do not want accept the responsibility for their actions on uses for their phones.. . It is the same in all companies that deal with the public.

People call in everyday having used services that they did not pay for in their plans and get angry with our company because they are charged for using the services at a higher rate.. It doesn’t matter that it is in the contract they signed when they got their phones. “Who reads those?”, is what I hear every time it is mentioned. The sales people that sell them the phones are paid on commission.. So they were offered the money saving features and the people turn them down.. Or just didn’t listen and use the features anyway.

They hand the phone over to a child or teenager and don’t tell them what they can do and not do with their phones and then expect our company to flip the bill for their misuse of the service or for their children’s choice to disobey what their parents.. Many feel we should continue giving them free phones anytime they want them. Or let them out of their contracts for free because they no longer agree with what was in the contract they signed. “Who has time to read those things” So we cater to the less then responsible people and then people wonder whose fault it is when the prices of services go up.. The company still has to make a profit despite paying for all those people who feel it is the companies responsibility to pay for their irresponsible behaviors.

Another look at responsibility is a story I read lately in a military news letter. Three boys from one family that joined the military all went AWOL during basic training while onĀ  Christmas holiday leave.. One that was caught, while breaking a law, said he didn’t like being yelled at by the Drill Sergeant to pick up garbage he left on a seat. He said they didn’t know they would have to learn to use guns and might have to go to war. One met a girl over the holiday and couldn’t bare to leave her. So he changed his mind about doing his duty that he signed on to do. Forsaking his pledge his honor and contract for a weekend romance. What a prize that girl has. Please.. They all went AWOL at the same time and yet claim they didn’t know the other 2 brothers were doing the same thing. Imagine that.

They claimed the recruiter lied and told them they would most likely not have to go to war. And they didn’t know they would have to use guns. They were going to be mechanics. They were shocked when their Drill Sergeant told them they would be going to Iraq. So it is the recruiters fault they signed on the dotted line and took an oath to serve our country. It is the recruiters fault these boys suddenly forgot all the war movies they watched over the years, their GI Joes and military playstation games that all show that soldiers that are in the military and fight in wars.

I have to wonder who they think they are fooling with their wimpy attitudes and lack of responsibility.. Not to mention their lies.

I would love to take a survey of boys and or girls of any age; say 5 and above. Ask them what a GI Joe is, what does he do, and what does he come with (as accessories).

These boys who went AWOL feel it was fully okay to just walk out on their oaths their contracts, and their country saying they didn’t realize what they were getting into and take no responsibility for their actions. Why should they not be held to their contracts in some way.. They don’t want to go to war fine let them serve the rest of their contract filling pot holes, picking up garbage on post or cleaning toilets or some other nice safe job with a reduction in pay due to their irresponsible choices. There used to be punishment for going AWOL hard labor.. Not any more… Looks like they will get a slap on the hand. Then again why make them famous with some anti war group making them rich as spokes people for a un-win-able cause..

I have to wonder how early this lack of responsibility starts these days. Is it the lack of a mother staying home to care for their children?. Is it the one parent households? Is it the school system that puts the picked on kids in counseling while the bullies continue to walk around picking on them? Or does it come from the lack of switches and unused reminder belts hanging over the door knobs?

What happened to taking responsibility for ones own actions. Are there no ethics in society anymore.

Whose Responsibility is it? Everyone who sits back and watches it happen without at least trying to make a difference.. The silent majority just let it happen and then ask why.

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