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updated:  25 September 2007

"Always wonder, what you'd wish for and who'd be there to listen,
If a wish flew in a whisper as far as you envision "

"Trust is a valuable word.
Make sure you understand the meaning
before you act upon it."
--Meridian Zuriel

"An inner consciousness creates a soul from which to see new shades of light"
--Alex Chronyj

"What is safety anyway, but a societal perception"

"Not all Hero's are Immortal, nor do they all have super powers, or
magnificent skills that no one else could possibly have. No, most Hero's
don't have these things... Most Hero's have only a mortal's common bravery
and skill, and the need to survive. "

"In an instant life is destroyed, changed and born again. No one can control
it what so ever. In this instant, power forms and surges a new. Take for
example a Dragon being born, magic, life and power surging about it, all new
to this world as it is. Such power must be used responsibly, or else risk
corruption or worse..."

"Are we simply a figment of our own imaginations? Or are we simply the
playthings of the Devine Children?"

"Safety is in the mind of the beholder,
for if it is really meant to be, it will be,
no matter what the amount of safety"

"The majority of problems stem from our perceptions
that are mainly shaped by our society"

"Sometimes the answered prayers
were the ones we didn't really want answered after all"

"Time is endless, both in future and in the past. There is always a past to
a past, continued by another past linked by another past. All linking
together foreward into the present, then the future, which is only
determined by the actions of the past."

"Are your fears greater then your creative power?"

"It seems more and more people would have others think for them"

"The beauty that is in all things prevails.
The good from the bad.. the co-existence of all life"
-- Dreamer

"No matter how much pain my body takes, my soul and spirit live on...
and nothing can take me from myself... in the end"

"Knowing is creating power"

"There is life beyond the facade of the many faced people"

"There must be a starting point somewhere in which is not a lie....
but you may have to go through many blocked doors to get there.....
and society supports the barricade behind many..

"We can set the own tone for our lives... Simply by what we know and think"

"Sometimes people have a very shallow view of things...
when the most wonderful things are found hidden deep in everyone"

"I don't think we ever fully grow up...
Only physically.. Our bodies are labeled as grown up..
But the body, as well as the mind, never grows up.. never quits changing"

"Seems everything is greed of one kind or another...
Humanities search to be GOD.. not to be one with the spirit"

You can search the whole world and not find even a glimpse of yourself...
It's when you stop looking around and look within
you truly find what you are searching for...

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