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These musical downloads are free for the readers of my site.
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Forever (Album cut)

Over the years I have made many friendships with the writers of my site. One of these being with Seizure. We are both also musicians and sometimes share our talents with each other. "Forever" is the collaboration of one of these such sharings. I heard Seizure's first music for this song I immediately felt the desire to add lyrics and vocals. (mellow -rappish)

The Album cut is a quite different version. Though the chorus is same the vocals are male and heavy during the verse. Seizure's Band "Digital_13" recorded this version adding it to their CD called "Devoid". Their album and further music downloads from the album are available through You might notice some of his poetry has carried over to his lyrics.. Or Visa Versa (rapcore or dark metal)

House of Mirrors

I think everyone sometimes has a problem facing reality. This is a song I wrote about just such a thing (mellow)

House of Mirrors II

sometimes you want to try the same song a bit different style. (Or maybe I was just getting slaphappy) (rock)

F.A.A. Blues

After one of the headstrong tempermental battles that bands have the drummer of our band stormed out of practise hall. His final words were "Your attitude is as fat as your fat ass" I knew there was a song in there somewhere.. (bluesy-humor)


Let Us Know What You Think

Seizure ( -- Saturday, July 20 2002, 09:07 pm


You know, I really like that Digital 13... those MFers know how to make some music.. ha!
Pamela ( -- Sunday, July 21 2002, 12:12 am


I personally loved this song! Not shittin' ya, I thought it was awesome! I like the softer intro, and then the half rappish changeover, it was unique and it did kinda make you want to listen more :o) Lyrics were great, music was great, overall I'd say it was.......oh did I say great already? LOL Honestly, very well put together and I listened to it like, ten times while I was chatting. You guys should do more songs together.
Seizure ( -- Sunday, July 21 2002, 07:05 pm


Which version of Forever? Maybe you should check out some of the other songs I put together if you liked Forever.
Pamela ( -- Monday, July 22 2002, 06:42 pm


Well, personally I loved both, but I think Digital 13's version is awesome because I love that guys voice! The original one is sweet too though. I would love to hear some more of your stuff if your willing to share :o) I honestly loved it!
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, July 23 2002, 08:18 pm

go here Pam...

If you go to, you can download the songs "Good & Evil" and "Rewind" for free. That version of Forever is on the album the other two are on, but it is a free song for this site only.

If you never signed up for before, you will have the one time signup thingy... it's free and quick. It also gives you access to a lot of free music.

Pamela ( -- Wednesday, July 24 2002, 02:35 am

Thanks :o)

I'll do that, and get back to you on how I liked them.
barbara goodhew ( -- Wednesday, July 31 2002, 01:03 pm


Hi I listened to house of mirrors and loved it brought tears to my eyes but then I'm emotional eh becky.I think house of mirrors could be a recording,beautiful.
TheAbundantOne ( -- Saturday, August 10 2002, 06:02 pm

Funny the Journey a day can take you on!

Seizure, I found your site today purely by accident. i spent the afternoon playing these songs. I liked the Forever-Mellow Rappish and the House of Mirrors. The Fat A.A. Blues really made my day as that is just how I felt. Thanks for sharing.
Wynde Storm ( -- Monday, September 2 2002, 06:17 pm


I loved House of Mirrors. I love the depth of the music and the lyrics. Awsome!!
J. ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 12:25 pm

mo betta

yeah... digital 13 is a very good band... and the vocalist is hot... and i'm a sad fat panda...
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, October 24 2002, 03:05 am

Digital 13

Hey Josh and Jake...does Cory ever visit this site? Anyways, i went on over to the place since i had trouble listening to forever and loved the songs i could listen to there. U guys sell cd's anywhere other than GA and on the net? I live in FL.......And im guessing ur the vocalist huh Jake? hehe..... U guys r very good....hehe...if i lived in Ga i'd go to one of ur guys' u guys do shows? Dang i wish i could forever..ppl seemed to like it! grrrr.....
Seizure ( -- Thursday, October 24 2002, 04:51 pm

Digital 13 info....

Well, currently, we just offer it online. But if you live close to a FYE store, some of our albums will start to pop up there. Here's the dealio...

We have a new album coming out next month (titled The World Changed.) Like Devoid, it will only be offered online. BUT, Jake and I are BOTH doing vocals on it. (A last minute decision, so my vocals are only on half the songs, but still :)).

Then December my solo work will drop entitled, "Not Everyone Wins" ( Dreamer said she would like to the CD(s) from this site since they have strong bearing on the poems I've written.

After that, we are looking into persuing the FYE offer. If we go ahead and do it, our albums will appear on an endcap in the middle of the store.

Hope that was info you were requesting... I'm kinda tired so may have misinterpreted it in some crackheadish way.


Martin Vann ( -- Friday, February 21 2003, 01:02 pm

House of Mirrors #1

The very beginning of the music sent chills through me, just beautiful. This sounded like a score for movie! The words were so expressive yet, not so far outh "there," that I couldn't feel, understand or believe them. Dreamer, is that you doing the vocal? Just lovely, thanks for letting me get so close to what? you, your sole, heart, so many things, I just felt close. BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AND LYRICS!

MartinV P.S. this is my first visit here, its exciting, Thanks. Seizure, I'm just not a rap guy, but the music is teriffic. I should go back and give it chance and this time, be more attentive to the words, but they move so fast.

Martin Vann ( -- Friday, February 21 2003, 01:36 pm

"F.AA." Like an Ice Cube, SSSOOOoooo COOOOOooooL!

The beginning of the arrangement reminded me of the group "Chicago," The vocal, is that you Dreamer? The entire presentation was out-standing, I liked the way the instruments seemed to carry on with the words, but no words, just great music. Seizure & Dreamer,seizing dreams poetically, musically, beatutifully. This site has so much to offer! Just great, super music and vocal. Yes, I would have laid some bread down for what I have heard. I was entertained!!!!!!


Martin Vann ( -- Saturday, February 22 2003, 03:40 pm

I "HAD" to come back again...,

I'm reading House Of Mirrors and F.A.A, so I can play them on my car stereo. Love them, just beautiful.

Thanks, MartinV

Tiffany ( -- Thursday, July 24 2003, 08:38 pm


I really liked this song. It was really neat oh u first started out singing and then went into a mini rap version. I really liked it keep up the good work. thanks
Lisa ( -- Sunday, July 27 2003, 09:48 pm

House Of Mirrors

Lengends of Dreams is where the song House Of Mirrors & the voice behind it will be. Great song & Awesome Voice. The song and voice within House Of Mirrors is my thoughts of Lengends & Dreams. Lisa
heaven ( -- Thursday, February 12 2004, 08:33 pm


i really loved all of the songs were really good but "forever"just some how stood out 2 me.i love the song and i can realate 2 it in many ways.
Dreamer ( -- Saturday, August 6 2005, 11:28 am

Sorry so late

Martin. In answer to your question. Yes, that is me on vocals. The female vocals on all songs are mine. The music on House of Mirrors, and FAA Blues is also mine and played by me.

One of these days I might add a few more of my songs But time is limited these days to work on them.

Senko ( -- Tuesday, December 13 2005, 05:56 pm


I really enjoyed both versions of Forever! I think i'll go listen to them again. ^.^

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