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My Name: Becky Ditch-Hammack (a.k.a. Dreamer)

My Residence: Tell City, Indiana. I was born in Joliet, Illinois and lived in that area most of my life.

History: There is not much history to tell actually. I have done various things in my life and have traveled throughout the U.S. as a tourist and as a worker.. I do love to travel... The only States which I have not been to are Oregon, Washington and of course the elusive Hawaii and Alaska.. I have also been to Canada, Mexico, Belgium, England and Scotland. I have dreamed of going every where else.

My Hobbies: My life has always been centered about music and writing. I enjoy all kinds of things. My computer (as with most of us here) chatting and e-mail, rock and roll, swimming, outdoor activities, being a tourist, meeting all kinds of people and just enjoying life to the fullest... Did I mention my computer? :)

My Age: Lets just say I am old enough to know better yet still young enough to do it again, several times over....... After all isn't age all just a state of mind anyway!!!

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