The Plan:  33x14 2 story addition.  lower floor - kitchen-garage    upper- master suite with balcony/deck and hot tub

April-27-1.jpg (31527 bytes)

April-28-02.jpg (54298 bytes)
construction Begins  ( April 27 2006)

cement work continues on (April 28th)

April-28-10.jpg (48984 bytes) May-3-2.jpg (32975 bytes)

Finishing up with the back patio

May 2nd the first wall goes up

May-4-1.jpg (34582 bytes) May-16-1.jpg (31473 bytes)
May 4th

Run out of wood.. start demolition (May 16)

May-16-5.jpg (36853 bytes) June-5-3.jpg (30800 bytes)

Looks like the wood got here ( May 16th)

It's starting to look like progress (June 5th)

June-8-1.jpg (34084 bytes) June-8-2.jpg (42869 bytes)
June 8th we have a walled kitchen and garage. (minus doors of course)

Ran out of wood again.. More Demolition of old shed   (June 8th)

June-14-7.jpg (34245 bytes) June-14-11.jpg (26425 bytes)
June 12th and 13 was bedroom walls  2nd floor work

Not bad for a one man crew; on time off of work
( I help a little with tool or 2)

June-14-12.jpg (30815 bytes)

Clint always amazes me with the things he can do.  He has done this single handedly (ok he does use two hands), .  2 or 3 hours a day before he goes to work and on his 2 days off a week.  This is week 6 of our summer project.

I help a little when I can but I am not much at the manual labor stuff.  I can brain storm ways of doing things and most of the time hand him the right tool at the right time.. I do order the wood and try and make him rest from time to time.. But he's a get-r-done kind of guy...

(my bad.... I do think he had a couple guys come over to help him lift one of the upstairs walls into place due to the weight with the wood sheeting already on it.. I helped lift a couple too)

side angle - the opening top floor right is going to be french doors
that will open to the balcony deck

July-21-1.jpg (34245 bytes) July-21-2.jpg (26425 bytes)
July 18th with 112F heat index we finished up adding a roof

In the bottom left you can see the steel arrived for the deck start phase
I am amazed the roof didn't just melt back off

Clint has put a finish date on the outside of house structure
End of August. (hmmmm)
Aug23-1.jpg (34245 bytes) Aug23-2.jpg (26425 bytes)
The last couple weeks has been hole digging and cement fill
for beam support, and welding together the steel deck
Special thanks to Phillip Ball for his welding skills
Aug 23rd Garage doors are in place (can't see it in these pics)
Here Clint is working on the soffits
Getting ready to start on the shingling

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