Poems by Category :- Death

#1 Ace - Terrie* 10 Till 8 - Maranda Berkley
2 Hurt 2 Feel - Seizure A Boy So Young - Heaven
A Bunch Of Flowers - Francis Duggan A Child's Angel - SweetP
A Corpse's Conscience - Fallen_Angel A Day At The Beach - Holly
A Fool's Deer - Naijerana A Priceless Masterpiece - LinzAy
A Thousand Tears - KitKatrina A World Without You - Terrie*
After I Am Gone - Capricorn Alan "john" Franklin - Ben Franklin
All I Have Is Me - Terrie* Almost There, Almost You - KitKatrina
Alone In The Dark - StarlightDreamer Alone With Death - Hazzard
An Old Grave Without A Headstone - Francis Duggan And You Believe It All - mArLeNe
Angel Baby - Sandra Lee Antifreeze - Mental
As We Lay On Our Deathbed - Karri As You Leave - Stacey
Ashes Of A Coffin - Fallen_Angel Back From The Dead - Meridian Zuriel
Beacon Of The Past - Icytears Behind A Mask - KristyD.
Black Black Rose - Sam #1 Can You Hear Me Mommy? - Marilyn A F Longfellow
Choir Of Death's Children - Fallen_Angel Close Your Eyes - StarlightDreamer
Crucifying Eyes - Fallen_Angel Curiosity Killed The Cat - Mike
D.e.a.t.h - Bizza Daddy - Tzuhsi
Dante's Hotel - David -Doc- Byron Darling - LinzAy
Dead - Ryan Dead Inside - mArLeNe
Dear John - Shira Dear Life - Brown Eyz
Dear Mother - Franca Adah Dear Nadia - mArLeNe
Death - Eve Death - Tzuhsi
Death - Taylor James Death - Tammy
Death - Cody Christopher Death 2 - Kami
Death Comes Again! - KristyD. Death Is Freedom - Taylor James
Death Is Like The Wind... Literally - Joseph James Prena Death Of A Friend - Leah06
Death Of Friends - KristyD. Death Roles Reversed - RubyDragon
Death Under A Blood Red Star - Dija Abernathy Deaths Chariot - Heaven
Debra (not A Day Goes Passed) - Amy-Lou E Ringshall Demise - Jesse Boole
Die I Must - Don Fraser Dieing - Barbara Goodhew
Dominican Hospital - Mark Spencer Don't Leave - Terrie*
Drunk Driver - Mark Spencer Dying - Andrew James Ball
Dying In Your Arms Tonight - Dark Priestess Emotional Puncture - Mental
Emotionless Face - Seizure End Of My World - Trish3
Epitaphs - Dreamer Escape Into The Unforgotten Memories Dream - Terrie*
Eternal Pain - Dark Priestess Eve Of Christmas - Sincer
Even Snow Finds Death - Dark Priestess Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Get's It's Wings - Lil Lulu
Faded To Death - RubyDragon Faith In Death ( Desire For Demise ) - Miztrebor
Fallen Angel - Moonlight Phoenix Fallen Feathers - Sax
Fallen Soldier - Mike Family Gathering - Colin Stewart
Farewell To Jimmy - Mark Spencer Fate - Silent Voice
Feel, A Lost Love Breathe - ShyHeart Final Hour - Andrew James Ball
Finally - Barbara Goodhew Forever - Casey
Forgotten Skeleton - Fallen_Angel Funeral - Mental
Gangland Killing - Justus Isaiah Richardson Gates Of Hell - Rick Ryckman
Ghost At The Wheel - Rick Ryckman Ghost Ship - TrueLife
Give Me A Sign - Terrie* Giving Into The Darkness - ErinBrenna
Gone - Heath A May Good-bye - KristyD.
Good-bye - Andrea Valdez Good-bye Lulu - Capricorn
Goodbye, But Please Don't Cry - Tasha Goodbyes - KitKatrina
Grandfather - Leah06 Grandpa's Little Angel - Tricia
Grim - Franki Ground Grave - Fallen_Angel
Guns And Roses - Moonlight Guns And Teens Don't Mix - Lilbit
Hammered To The Cross - Rick Ryckman Hangman - Rick Ryckman
Happy At Last - Mike Hasten The Curtain - Elizabeth Squires
He Had It Coming - Kealsye N J Fahey Heaven - Melissa
Heaven And Hell - Coma His Picture - Tricia
Hold Me For The Last Time - Terrie* Hoping To See A Friend - Shiloh
Hurting While No One Knows - Angel Baby Hush The Night Away - Terrie*
I Am Evil - Sam #1 I Call You Nime - Kimberly
I Didnít Mean To - Justus Isaiah Richardson I Don't Believe - KitKatrina
I Don't Want To Wake Up Without You - Terrie* I Had It All... - Terrie*
I Have To Say Goodbye - Danielle W I Miss You So -
I Never Knew - Sincer I Still Recall The News From Dallas - Francis Duggan
I Want To Die Silently - Mental I Will Weep No More - Rick Ryckman
I'd Give Everything For One Touch - Shan I'm Sorry - Heaven
I'm Sorry For What I Do - Tabitha M I've Lost You - KitKatrina
If - Charmaine If You - Lover
If You Could Tell Me... - Jason In The Flowerbed - Anthony Wright
Innocence Lost - Terrie* Into Oblivion We All Fly - Rick Ryckman
Into The Great Unknown - Mark Spencer It Can't Be True - KitKatrina
Jason, My Friend - Ben Laney Jimmy Now Soars - PoisonIvy
Just A Dream - KitKatrina Just A Hug - Leah06
Just In Case - mArLeNe Just Like Romeo And Juliet - Angel On The Edge
Keep Going - Lilbit Keeper Of Time - Rick Ryckman
Kiss Of Death - Rick Ryckman Let Me Out - Rick Ryckman
Letting You Go - KitKatrina Life & Death - Grim Reaper
Life And Death - Life, Or Something Like It ...... - Demon_99
Little White Dress - mArLeNe Live On Through Death - Miztrebor
Lost - PoeticDemon Lost In The Sky - Nicole Ricketts
Love Gave Me A Chance The First Time - Terrie* Many Angels In Heaven...... - Terrie*
Marbles Of Death - Elizabeth Squires Memories Of Old - Rick Ryckman
Memory Lane - KitKatrina Midnight Dancer - Rick Ryckman
Midnight's Black Death - Rick Ryckman Miso - Udiah
Miss You Might - Shan Missing You - Loveadov00
Morbid Fascination - Mike More Tea? - Shaz
Morning Of The Magicians - Rick Ryckman Mother And Daughter - Kami
Mother Dear - Move On - KitKatrina
Mum 2 - Freshairrr My Fare Well - Parting - TriTran
My Father's Face - KitKatrina My Father's Life - KitKatrina
My Guilt - Seizure My Last Breath - ErinBrenna
My Last Breath - Shadaan My Letter To God - Fallen_Angel
My Many Losses - KristyD. My Only - Terrie*
Mysterious Acquaintance - Miztrebor Never Say Goodbye - mArLeNe
Never Say Goodbye - mArLeNe Never Thought - Tricia
Nightfall - Rick Ryckman No More Pain - Angel On The Edge
No More Tears In Heaven - Mark Spencer No Title, Only Words - Simik
Not Ready To Die - Tangerine O Child - J Freedom Long
October 14th 2004 - Leah06 Oklahoma Girl - Ben Laney
Old Casey - Francis Duggan On The Other Side - Jesse Boole
One Day - Terrie* One Death - KristyD.
Open Arms Of The Devil - Monica A Ophelia - Mike
Out There On The Plains Of Somalia - Francis Duggan Peek-a-boo Daddy - Marilyn A F Longfellow
Pendent - Fallen_Angel Perfect Day - Seizure
Pictures - KristyD. Power And Glory - Rick Ryckman
Precious Little Moments - Seizure Questions - Scorpio
R i p - Sam #1 Rather Dead Than Alive - Tashaxxx
Reaching My Destination - Tammy Reapers Lullaby - Rick Ryckman
Red Tears - Karri Regret - KristyD.
Restless Nights - Rick Ryckman Resurrected - David -Doc- Byron
Riders On The Storm - Rick Ryckman Rivers Of Blood - Rick Ryckman
Rose-bud - Terrie* Sacred Forgotten School Girl - Fallen_Angel
Sacred Suicide - Fallen_Angel Saved Star - KristyD.
Saying Goodbye - KitKatrina Second Chance - mArLeNe
Serial Killers - HeadInTheClouds Set My Horses Free - George Mudge
She Was Only Thirteen - Mark Spencer She's Gone - Seizure
Silent Departing - Serenity Simply Put... - Shiloh
Singing With God Now - Ben Franklin Slaughter Of The Innocent - Udiah
Sleep Forever - Megan Steps To Heaven - Dilvorn
Suicidal Fireflies - Mental Suicide - Mark Spencer
Suicide Scene - Justus Isaiah Richardson Sundown - J.
Take A Rest - Kadhir Takes The Best - Sweet_Suicide
Tears Of Sorrow - Babygurl Th Th That's All Folks - Don Fraser
The Angel Of Death - Josh The Bright Lights Of London City - Ben Franklin
The Call - Shyanne The Coffin Maker's Condolence - James Amuta
The Credits - Ruthie The Dance - StarlightDreamer
The Death Of Me - Mere The Dying Migrant - Francis Duggan
The Embrace - Crimson Angel The End - Ingvanye
The End And Rebirth - Doug Dunigan The Eyes Of Love - Shan
The Falling - Arianne The Night Of The Beast - Rick Ryckman
The Promise - Mike The Question - Newage Caveman
The Reaper - Miztrebor The Soul Killer - Miztrebor
The Sound Of Death - KitKatrina The Tattoo Of My Heart - Terrie*
The Widow - Cobygirl Thoughts - KitKatrina
Time Is Short - Sarah Taurus To - Daniel Luther Myers
To Be A Butterfly - ShyHeart To Dad - Meg
Too Late - Meridian Zuriel Transmigration - Newage Caveman
Twenty Four Hours From Now - Mark Spencer Undying Love - Terrie*
Voices Of The Past - Andrew James Ball Walks The Reaper - Lightwalker
Way Out From Darkness - Jellie Ann Colarina-Oliveros We Miss You Tom - Sam #1
We'll Meet Again - Mike What's Next - Gems1982
When Do We Know? - Terrie* When I Die - Scorpio
When I Die 2 - Scorpio When I'm Gone - Taylor James
When My Time Is Up - Mark Spencer When We Die - Del
Whisper - Fallen_Angel Who Asked You - Seizure
Why The Lights Go Out At Night - Seizure Why? - Mark Spencer
Wings - Mark Spencer With Impact - Karla Bardanza
Working Around Lifes Tragedies... - Terrie* You Died.. - Mike
You Left Me - Kathie Mikie You're My Little Angel - CD
Your Heart Holds My Tears - Terrie* Your Memory Lives On - Terrie*
Your Mistress - Stacy Your Promise - Holly A. Badolato

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