Poems by Category :- Good-Byes

A Daughters Good-bye - T'Lonna Robbins A Man Like You - Taylor James
A Miners Lament - Marilyn A F Longfellow An End - Willahh
At Last - Crystal Iris Away - Faith
Beginning To End - Clive B Ringshall Bittersweet Memories. - Emma-Louise
Can You Hear Me Mommy? - Marilyn A F Longfellow Childhood Lost - Bobbie Jean
Counting Days - Jellie Ann Colarina-Oliveros Dear My First Love, - Shorty
Do Not Question Why.......... - Terrie* Farewell - Stacey
Farewell Michelle - CD Farewell To Marcy - CD
Forever In My Heart - Alan Go Quietly, Saddam, But Go. - Bipedalguy
Going Away - Angel On The Edge Good Bye - Tabitha M
Goodbye - Taylor James Goodbye - Brenda Gisell Garza
Goodbye - FoRsAkEn Goodbye - FoRsAkEn
Goodbye Friend - Jamie Goodbye, Good Morning, Our Love Ends Last Night - Miztrebor
I Want To Say Hi - Vampyr Lost In Love I've Weeped - Tricia
Innocent Mistake - Lost_In_The_Music It Was Time To Go - Catyrose
Last Dance ..with Destiny - Moonstarshine Let Them Go - Dimples
Letter To An Old Friend (final Goodbye) - Taylor James Letter To Love - Eryemil
Lilly - CD Longing To Hear Your Voice In The Wind - Terrie*
Moving Day - Webster Moving On - Luke Christopher
My Thoughts Of Ella - Elenora Forkal Never Say Goodbye - Stacey
Ode To Grandpa - Newage Caveman Our Last Day - Rian
Please Go - Shy Surfer Queeny - TriTran
Sitting Alone In A Coffee Shop - LinzAy Staying Away.... - Terrie*
Summer's End - Brett The ' G ' Word - Devilyangelic
They Picked It Up Today - Shiloh Thinking - Bizza
Time To Leave My Dreams - TriTran Tired Of Waiting - Emilee
Tokyo - Jim Tommorow May Never Come.... - Britney
Waiting On The Moonlight - Mental You Learned To Walk Away - Terrie*

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