Poems by Category :- Hurt

A Fool As Usual - Pamela O'Brien A Little World - Willahh
All Things Fragile Aside - Demon_99 Alone With My Holiday Tears - Dreamer
Anger And Love - Bizza As I Let Go - Scorpio
Bad Blood - tommyg Behind My Eyes - Seizure
Blanket Of Darkness - Pondering Red Bound - Bench
Bouquet Of White Roses - T'Lonna Robbins Broken - Devilyangelic
Bullying - Keila Candyland--a Diabetic's Love Poem - Silent Witness
Dad - Melissa Dark Clouds Of Hurt - Whitfield
Dark Streets - Keith Darkened Life - Kali
Dragon Fire - Ashley End Of My Suffering - Sweet Sara
Ex-factor - Ashley Explosion - Kiwi
Facing My Diary - Ben Franklin Fairytales And Darkness - LinzAy
Fib And Fiddle All Day Long - Angel In Tears Foolish Heart - Devilyangelic
Hammered To The Cross - KitKatrina How It Should Be - Eric Miller
How Many Times Can A Heart Break - Kay_13 Hurt - Ashlee
Hurt And Pain - Bizza I Await For Someone Like You... - Terrie*
I Have To Let You Go - CD I Love You Now But Never Again - dark3nstar
I Should Give You A Taste - Britney I Thought You Were The Best - Terrie*
I'm Not Really That Strong - LAR I'm Sorry - Tabitha M
In That Big Old House... - Shiloh In This Place In This Time - Taylor James
Inside Tears - Shorty Insomia 2 - Red Dragon (Bernz)
It Hurts - Mere It Still Hurts - Shorty
Kept From My Dreams - Devilyangelic Know How To Swim - Devilyangelic
Last Words - Pamela O'Brien Let You Down - LinzAy
Liar - Charmaine Life Is Hard Without U - Hugs
Lifes A Bitch Sometimes - Crush Me Love Of My Life - Sonic
Me - Sonic Merciful Disillusion - Eryemil
Mistake - KJP My Birthday - Melissa
My Final Plea - Your Melody My Inside Screams! - Crush Me
My Pain - Hyptnotized Mindz Normal, That I Can't Be - Tammy
Not Noticed - Old Man - Shiloh
Only Then, And Then Some More - Shiloh Pain - Christa
Please - Seizure Question - Shiloh
Quiet Pain - Dreamer Reconciliation - Justus Isaiah Richardson
Right Now - tommyg Save Me - Shorty
See Me Smiling - LisaMarie Silent Tears - Nicole
Some Things Are Impossible To Get Over - Megan Still Around - Devilyangelic
Take Flight - Devilyangelic Take My Hand I'll Take You Where Real Love Awaits - Terrie*
Tear-stained Pillow - Devilyangelic The Damages Of Lust - Mental
The Hurt That I Feel Inside - Elizabeth Squires The Mirror - Shira
The Unknown - Daniel Luther Myers The Wolf In Every Man - Spinelli
To You - Crush Me Too - Ashley
Torn By The Lies You Told - Angel In Tears Undone, A Devoted Wife Changed Into Prey - Ashley
Untiled - Mae Untiled - Mae
Venting Depression - Megan Waste - Shan
We Are Who We Are - Barbara Goodhew When Silence Spoke - Terrie*
Why Didn't You Try - Melissa Why Do I? - RubyDragon
Wounded Souls - CD You Don't - WilTheThrill
Your Love Is Sweet Misery - Charmaine Your Tongue Can Be So Vicious - LisaMarie

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