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2-13-03 - Everett 24 Hours - Your Melody
4/19/02 - Kerry 8:16 P.m. Tuesday Night - Jeremy Morzos
A Different View - Dreamer A Gentleman - Meridian Zuriel
A Narrow Escape - P K Padhy A New Word (29 May 2020) - Shiloh
A New World - P K Padhy A Penny Found - Shiloh
A Poetic Depiction Of A Hospital - Scurrd A Sound - Kia
A Spot Of Summer - Pondering Red A Spray Of Constant Change - Pondering Red
A Stream - Puppet A Surreal Reality - Pondering Red
A Therapeutic Thought - KitKatrina A Train Of Thoughts - Samara
A Way Of Life - Shiloh A Wish - Leah
Abandoned Spaces - Pondering Red Act Of Life - P K Padhy
Admiration So Easily Put - FoRsAkEn Adulthood - Barbara Goodhew
Again And Again - Clive B Ringshall Alive - Meridian Zuriel
Alone In A Hotel Room - Scurrd Amazingly Beautiful - Leah
America The Beautiful - Mark Spencer An Analysis Of Anatomical Subtraction And Dissection - Meridian Zuriel
An Outcry Upon Determined Human Supplications - Aamir Aziz Anarchy Across Eyelids - Aamir Aziz
Apartment To Sublet For The Summer - Pondering Red Are You Listening, My Friend? - Shiloh
As I - Breezy As This Rose Dies - Scurrd
At Two In The Morning.. - Brett Average - Meridian Zuriel
Baby Blue Blue Eyes - Willahh Beauty - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
Because - Your Melody Behind My Doors - Karla Bardanza
Beware - Barbara Goodhew Blind Sided - Gary Lehmann
Boomerang - Sax Broken - Dennis
Budding Value - P K Padhy But I Can't Go Back - Shiloh
Can You Honestly? - Terrie* Can You See Me Daddy - T'Lonna Robbins
Cheating - tommyg Children Of Our Time - Tim Kitchen
Choices - tommyg Christmas 1914 - Mark Spencer
Christmas Season. Christmas Time. - Chris G Vaillancourt Click Here! - Leah
Clouding - P K Padhy Cocoon - Puppet
Commitment - Barbara Goodhew Communication - Meridian Zuriel
Compliments - Mark Spencer Confused - Dean Morris
Connected - Elizabetta Contemplate... Meditate... - Shiloh
Count Upon My Thoughts - Hope Criticism - Barbara Goodhew
Cumulative Nothing - Diaos Dance Me To The Edge - Pondering Red
Dancing In The Amber Rose Garden - Jeremy Morzos Dark Lady - Eryemil
Days - 2 - Barbara Goodhew Deciphered Sayings From A Believer - Willahh
Dependability - Barbara Goodhew Desires - C. Scott
Despised - Capricorn Diving - Puppet
Dna - Meridian Zuriel Doctor Doctor - Gary Lehmann
Don't Ask, Expecting - Meridian Zuriel Don't Make It Love... - Karla Bardanza
Each Day I Love You More - Hope Enough For Me - Shiloh
Entrapment - Catyrose Epitaphs - Dreamer
Essence - - Demon_99 Eternity - Mark Spencer
Every - Jim McClean Eveything About You - Britney
Excuses - Meridian Zuriel Exhale - Alisa
Exorcism Of America - tommyg Expectations - Barbara Goodhew
Explosions In The Sky Playing Out - Scurrd F***ed - Sonic
Faded - Simik Faith In Us - Sarah Taurus
Fame And Fortune - Tricia Famous Sayings - Jason Visconti
Feel My Feng Shui - AJ Flight - Dennis R
For Now - Stacey Free Fall From The Moon - Newage Caveman
Freedom - Everett Freedom - Andrew James Ball
Freedom... Pain? - Simik From 9-5 - Dean Morris
From Inside Our Mind - Shiloh Generosity - Barbara Goodhew
Get A Grip - Leah Getting Through - Capricorn
Ghost - Britney God's Gift - P K Padhy
Gratefulness - Barbara Goodhew Grazers - CarrieLynn Reinhard
Haiku 17 - Elizabeth Squires Haiku Afternoon - Pondering Red
Have You Thought - Marilyn A F Longfellow He's Been - TedBeck
Heart Break Routine - Pondering Red Her Luring Beauty - Dino Hi
Hiding Away In Silence - Chris G Vaillancourt Honesty - P K Padhy
Hope - Clive B Ringshall Hope - Barbara Goodhew
Hope Springs Eternally - Hope Hopefully You Keep In Touch - Hope
How Much Love Can One Heart Hold? - Terrie* I Am - Willahh
I Can't Stop - SCSnicoleSCS I Cannot Help But Wonder - Hope
I Did It - Shira I Don't Know - Part 2 - LinzAy
I Just Can't Fight It - Shiloh I Love The Rain - Meridian Zuriel
I Love The Thoughts Of You In My Head - Terrie* I Need To Knoe - FoRsAkEn
I Saw You - Everett I Thought - Faye
I Thought - KitKatrina I Thought.. - Shy Surfer
I Try To Keep Positive - Hope I Used To Dream - Dreamer
I Wish I Liked You - Leah I've Been Doingit Wrong? - Shiloh
If - Simik If Just A Moment - Phonicpodd
If Only I Could Get Back - Hope Ignoring - Meridian Zuriel
Image Of Life - P K Padhy Imagine - Pamela O'Brien
In Dreams - LAR In Love With Myself - tommyg
In My Time... - Shiloh In Search For Peace - Newage Caveman
In The Silence Of The Night - Stacey Influence - Meridian Zuriel
Influence 2 - Meridian Zuriel Influence 3 - Meridian Zuriel
Innocence In Childhood - Scurrd Innocense - Marilyn A F Longfellow
Insomnium - Dreamer Inspiration - Dreamer
Instead - Leah Into The Arms Of ... Heaven - Moonstarshine
Introspect - Pamela O'Brien Invisible - Riccardo Giovanni
It Brings It All Home - Shiloh It's A Special Thing... - Shiloh
It's A Verb, Anyway - Shiloh Its Not A Poem Its Thoughts Jotted Down - WontCryTonight
Judging - Barbara Goodhew Just A Lil Jibber Jabber - Tricia
Just A Question - Sharita Just A Small Braining - Shiloh
Just For A Moment - Counsellina Just In Case - Shorty
Just One Child - Tim Kitchen Just Realize The Not So Crazy Truth - Leah
Keeping Love Alive - Terrie* Knives Out/knife Party - Puppet
Knowing - Barbara Goodhew Lady Of Nourishment - Durlabh Singh
Laid Out In Black And White - Hope Lessons Bellowed Through Bullhorn - Puppet
Lessons From A Hero - Trout Life - Capricorn
Life And Love - Nikki Pee Life's Hidden Treasures - Dreamer
Life's Questions - Brett Listen - Courtney
Livskunst - Mike Loaf Of Life - Capricorn
Loose Foundation(s) Can't Stand - Meridian Zuriel Love I Give Unconditionally - Hope
Madness - L'Rathi Magic - Randy M
Mass Hysteria - Aamir Aziz Maybe That's All You Know - Kia
Message From A Bookmark - Miztrebor Metanoia - Angel In Tears
Mindless Mutterings - Dreamer Mirage - Terrie*
Mitochondrial Eve - Where Evolution Fails - Mark Spencer Mom - Mental
Moment To Think - P K Padhy Moon Lit Grass - Ben Franklin
Morlock Fantasy - David Soriano My Dad - Mental
My Friends Story - Dean Morris My Heart: The Root Of My Problems - Miztrebor
My Modern Romance - Elizabetta My Paradise - Shorty
My Pledge - P K Padhy My Song - Shorty
My Tears, Are Gone, From, My Eyes - ShyHeart Myself - Mere
Needs - Dreamer Never Takin' You Nor Life For Granted Ever Again - Terrie*
New York Rap - Ben Laney Nights Before - Clive B Ringshall
No Difference - Dreamer No Title (thoughts) - Meridian Zuriel
No Words - Meridian Zuriel Nobody Wants To Know - Xeracy
Nobodys Listening - LinzAy Ode To Spelunking - Puppet
Off Reality's Shore - Pamela O'Brien Oft The Blade Is Unsheathed - Elizabeth Squires
Old And Clueless - Meridian Zuriel Om Shanti Etc - Pondering Red
On The Bus Again - Pondering Red On Writing - Shiloh
One Final Day - Leah Open Eyes - Ben Franklin
Open Your Heart (let It All In) - Miztrebor Opinions - Barbara Goodhew
Our Folly... - Shiloh Our Hallowed Suicide - Sax
Outings - Barbara Goodhew Paper Airplanes - Thumper
Parodies - Mark Spencer Patterns In Life - tommyg
Peaceful - Barbara Goodhew Pen To Paper - StarlightDreamer
Percent - Shiloh Perhaps That Is Enough - Shiloh
Personal Time - Dreamer Pharmacutical Cowboy - tommyg
Philosophically - P K Padhy Playground - LinzAy
Predestination - Tarna Purpose - Scorpio
Ramblings - Dreamer Rare (rough Draft) - Meridian Zuriel
Rebirth - P K Padhy Reflections In The Courtyard - Pondering Red
Rest - Dreamer Resurfacing - XoForeverXo
Riches - Barbara Goodhew Right Hand Replacement (explicit) - LinzAy
Routine - Elizabeth Squires Say, What?? - Shiloh
Scattered - LinzAy Secrets - Celeste
Sendin' My Love To You - Terrie* Senryu-1 - P K Padhy
Shattered Echoes - Chris Sabato She - Franca Adah
Shoulda - Coulda - Woulda - Shiloh Sign Language - Meridian Zuriel
Silence - Seizure Silent Footprints - Rick Ryckman
Simply Accompanied - Shan Simulation Revelation - Mark Spencer
Sketches Of My Seasons - Pondering Red Sleep Forever -3 Line Rhyme- - Scurrd
Slogan - P K Padhy Smiling - P K Padhy
Smokin' With Mary Jane - Zach Snowy Sketch - Pondering Red
So It Goes - Ken Society - P K Padhy
Soliloquy - Dreamer Sometimes - Pixi
Sometimes Simplicity Soothes The Soul - Pamela O'Brien Sometimes, A Heart, Will Blink, Just, Like Our Eyes - ShyHeart
Soul Of Man - Meridian Zuriel Speaking Up - Barbara Goodhew
Special Connection... - Terrie* Standing Still - fffraaanziii
Still The Same - Abbers Stole - Squishi_04
Straight From The Heart - Leah Subconscious Mind - Shan
Sui Generis - Gary Lehmann Swirling Swirling - Elizabeth Squires
Take Me As I Am - Clive B Ringshall Talking To You - Scurrd
Tarnished Affection - Scorpio Tears From Heaven - Terrie*
Tell Me Again So I Know - Emilee That Which You Don't See - Christian V
That's Life - Capricorn The Blank Sky Of Hatred - Simik
The Bouquet - Capricorn The Center Of The Universe - Mark Spencer
The Cycle (it Just Goes Round And Round) - Meridian Zuriel The Door - P K Padhy
The Drum - Natta The Dust - Dino Hi
The End - Sharita The End Of The World - Dino Hi
The Ending Is The Beginning - Jeremy Morzos The Feast - Pamela O'Brien
The Have's Of The Have Nots - Dreamer The Invasion Comes.... - Shiloh
The Joker, The Jinx, The Riddler - tommyg The Kingdom Of The Bees - Capricorn
The Last One To Know - tommyg The Little Things - LinzAy
The Midnight Smiles - Chris G Vaillancourt The Moon Triumphed - Karla Bardanza
The Other Side Of The Mountain - Tim Kitchen The Poem Bee - Capricorn
The Price Of Leadership - Meridian Zuriel The Race - Mark Spencer
The Roof On My World - Capricorn The Snow Falls.... - Shiloh
The Victim - Mere The Voice - Shan
The Way I Feel - Breezy The Way That I Loved You - Terrie*
The Weight Of Things Once Valued - Shiloh The Window Of Death - Megan
The Wish - Newage Caveman The World Of Forget - Seizure
These Words - Dean Morris Things I Never Tell - Pamela O'Brien
Think What You Like - Tara Barnwell Thinking Of You - Lyrical Queen
This Love That I Share... - Terrie* Thorn - Meridian Zuriel
Thoughts - Barbara Goodhew Thoughts - Meridian Zuriel
Thoughts - Meridian Zuriel Thoughts (rough Draft) - Meridian Zuriel
Thoughts Take Me There - Hope Thoughts Will Be With You - Hope
Throw Away People - Mark Spencer Til Next Time - Meridian Zuriel
Timeless Mental - Kristen Tired Of It... - Shiloh
Today Is Slow.... (aka My Turn At Bat) - Shiloh True Thoughts - Brandi
Trust To Love And Be Happy - LinzAy Truth - P K Padhy
Try Your Best - Dean Morris Tunes - Dreamer
Turn To A Poet - Shira Twenty Questions - Jeremy Morzos
Two Become One - Mark Spencer U-boat Death - David Soriano
Ultimate Eternity - Karla Bardanza Unannounced Flowers - Maranda Berkley
Unbalanced Year - Pondering Red Unbroken Rhythm - Scurrd
Understanding - Barbara Goodhew Unfinished 22 Lines - Shiloh
Untitled - Shorty Untitled - Scurrd
Untitled - LinzAy Untitled - Part One - Diaos
Various Thoughts - Puppet Venting - Barbara Goodhew
View Beyond The Cover - Hope Views - Barbara Goodhew
Vision - C. Scott Vision - Meridian Zuriel
Visiting - Barbara Goodhew Walk Again Sweet Ancestors - Nikki
Walkin' Away - Shiloh Walking Without A Destination - Scurrd
Wandering In Thought - KitKatrina We Are - Shan
Wealth Of A Different Sort - Shiloh Weekend Relaxation - Dreamer
What If's - tommyg What Would I Do Without You? - Terrie*
When Can I Be Me? - Mandy Steder When I Look Into The Mirror - Mental
When I'm Gone - Christa Where Are They Today? They Are One Step Away.. - Terrie*
Why - Barbara Goodhew Wishes - Barbara Goodhew
Wishes - P K Padhy With My Eyes Closed - Kerry
With This Hand - Shiloh With Thoughts Of You Deep In My Heart - Terrie*
Within All The Above - Hope Without You - Del
World Of Our Own - David Soriano World Through An Hourglass - Newage Caveman
Worries - Barbara Goodhew Wow! - Leah
Yay - Meridian Zuriel Yeah... - LAR
Yesterday - Puppet You Don't Know - Brandi
You Will Never Know - Shiloh Yours Till Eternity - Terrie*

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