Ben Franklin's Writings

Faith 04/10/2012 (Faith)
While Her Daughter Gently
12/17/2011 (Seasons)
Words 08/12/2011 (Change)
No Strings 07/15/2011 (Faith)
New Chapter 06/30/2011 (Faith)
Devils Student 05/21/2011 (Faith)
Part Of The Math 02/27/2011 (Faith)
He Is There 02/02/2011 (Faith)
Lord..thank You 02/02/2011 (Religious and Religion)
War Of Mind 11/22/2009 (Facing Reality)
While It's There 02/18/2009 (Thankfulness)
No Questions Asked 01/29/2009 (Friendship)
Go On 01/06/2009 (Inspirational and Strength)
Minus Ten 01/06/2009 (People)
Never.. 12/23/2008 (Memories)
Last Breath 07/10/2007 (Loss)
Alan "john" Franklin 07/03/2007 (Death)
Flown 05/16/2007 (People)
All That It Seems..... 03/19/2007 (Loss)
Same Time Tommorow? 11/16/2006 (People)
Bottle 10/22/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
The Big C - Cancer 09/01/2006 (Illness and Health)
Finger Points Back 08/19/2006 (Change)
Money Talks 08/13/2006 (Statements)
Bracelet & Hair Pin 07/24/2006 (Change)
Unshaved & Unemployed 06/11/2006 (Depression)
Pastor, Pastor 05/24/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Imaginations 05/16/2006 (Dreams)
Who Knows 05/14/2006 (People)
Inks Run Dry 05/14/2006 (Disappointment)
Buy Me Love 05/02/2006 (Love - questioning)
Burden Baby 05/01/2006 (Pain - emotional)
Forgiven 04/30/2006 (Forgiveness)
Flying Angel 04/26/2006 (People)
Patched Up Heaven 04/10/2006 (Heart Touching)
A Place 04/04/2006 (Dreaming)
Happy 03/26/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Susie 02/26/2006 (Judgement)
Until That Day Grandad.. 02/26/2006 (Family)
Wish List 02/25/2006 (Families - Broken)
Rosie’s Crossword 02/15/2006 (Aging)
Warm Soul 02/13/2006 (Friendship)
Middle Lane Express Train 02/01/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Election Times 01/17/2006 (Political)
Picture Perfect 01/08/2006 (Political)
Candle Lit Sky 12/27/2005 (Tributes)
Polluted Covered Stars 11/18/2005 (Change)
My Brother Leon 11/15/2005 (Family)
Questions And Answers 10/24/2005 (Searching For Answers)
Tower Tale 09/20/2005 (Life Styles)
Child Slavery 09/18/2005 (Abuse)
An Association 07/10/2005 (Judgement)
Make It History 07/07/2005 (Change)
Little Things... 06/23/2005 (Change)
Benefit Man 06/17/2005 (People)
Innocent Wife, sentenced To
06/11/2005 (Crimes)
Snip, Snip, Like Scissors 05/27/2005 (Cutting)
Blind For Just A Day. 05/23/2005 (Change)
Catholic Child 05/18/2005 (Regret)
Monster Daddy 05/10/2005 (Abuse)

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