Bipedalguy's Writings

Human Hatred (3rd Revision) 01/20/2016 (Hate)
Human Hatred (3rd Revision) 01/13/2016 (Hate)
Public Servant (revised) 02/16/2011 (Political)
Pity The Worm 10/01/2008 (Humorous)
A Peachy Limerick 09/14/2008 (Humorous)
Old And Alone 08/28/2008 (Aging)
Don's Proverb 08/04/2008 (Dreams)
Bipedalguy's Midnight Bike
07/27/2008 (Short Stories - humorous)
Voice Of An Angel 07/27/2008 (Angels)
Human Hatred (revised) 01/06/2008 (Hate)
Welfare Vs. Charity 01/05/2008 (Political)
I'm Relatively Fast 12/11/2007 (Limericks)
Rainbows For Sale 11/21/2007 (Humorous)
Human Hatred 11/17/2007 (Hate)
God Only Knows 11/17/2007 (Limericks)
I Work In My Jammies Now 11/14/2007 (Humorous)
Public Servant 11/12/2007 (Nature)
The Awkward Age 11/10/2007 (Military and War - by vets)
Private Willie Mc Bride 10/10/2007 (Military and War - by vets)
A Night In Verona 04/14/2007 (Love - forbidden)
Innocence, Lost And Found 03/04/2007 (Romantic - Romance)
In His Infinite Wisdom 02/02/2007 (Humorous)
Waterfront Limited 01/31/2007 (Humorous)
Speaking Of Life... 01/29/2007 (Humorous)
The Wastebasket And The Paper
01/29/2007 (Humorous)
Flying Dreams 01/28/2007 (Dreams)
What The Night Wind Brings 01/23/2007 (Limericks)
Murphy's Law 01/21/2007 (Humorous)
The Shady Crook Book Nook 01/17/2007 (Humorous)
I Ain't Crazy 01/14/2007 (Humorous)
The Last Word 01/11/2007 (Humorous)
You Know I'm Not Too Fat 01/09/2007 (Humorous)
Natalia's Excellent Hearing 01/07/2007 (Short Stories - non-fiction)
Go Quietly, Saddam, But Go. 12/30/2006 (Good-Byes)
Dragon Slayers Incorporated 12/27/2006 (Humorous)
About My Pen Name 12/23/2006 (Humorous)
Scent Of A Rose 12/19/2006 (Nature)
A Really Great Knight 12/17/2006 (Humorous)
A Flower Of Blue 12/02/2006 (Love)
Lovesick Limerick 11/27/2006 (Love)
According To Confucius 11/11/2006 (Dreams)
Why They Call It Faith 10/28/2006 (Faith)
An Irish Blessing 09/20/2006 (Dreaming)
This Is On Me. 09/20/2006 (Humorous)
Holocaust 09/07/2006 (Hate)
Maggies Dream 08/08/2006 (Dreams)
How To Impress People 07/04/2006 (Humorous)
Another Bumper Sticker 06/17/2006 (People)
Bumper Sticker 06/14/2006 (People)
Whispersong 06/01/2006 (Dreams)
The Leader Of The Tribe 05/23/2006 (Short Stories - humorous)
A New Day 05/22/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Kiss 05/02/2006 (Love)
Love And Marriage 05/01/2006 (Marriage)

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