Christian V's Writings

Creatures Within 01/14/2013 (Emotional Collapse)
Old Tales 11/06/2011 (Love lost or ending)
Warmth Of A Hand 11/15/2010 (Love - just beginning)
Bus Stop 10/13/2010 (Pondering)
Sounds Remembering 09/13/2010 (Love unrequited)
Where The Dead Spirits Lay 11/30/2009 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Winded 07/08/2009 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Jim, Jack And Johnny 05/05/2009 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Labyrinth Hill 02/22/2009 (Life Journeys)
That Which You Don't See 10/31/2008 (Thoughts)
Grizzly Tales 09/14/2008 (Love - waiting for)
Outward V.s Inward 05/02/2008 (Pain - emotional)
I Think But Do Not Know 12/04/2007 (Love lost or ending)
When We Dance 12/04/2007 (Memories)
Silent Ripples 12/04/2007 (Reminiscing)
Days Pass By - revised 09/16/2006 (Broken Relationships)
I Know 09/14/2006 (Political)
Me And Her 10/16/2005 (Love - passionate)
Mr. Mad Man 10/16/2005 (Self Discovery)
Diminished Into Dark: 10/16/2005 (Hopelessness)
The Little Boy 09/11/2005 (Searching For Answers)
Can You Hear Me? 08/12/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Blade 2 08/02/2005 (Cutting)
6 Miles Away 08/02/2005 (Love - just beginning)
The Days Pass By... 08/02/2005 (Moving On)
Tell Me A Story 08/29/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Everytime 02/14/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Time 12/20/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
Love And Cruelty 09/17/2003 (Life Lessons)
She'll Neva Know 08/26/2003 (Love - forbidden)
Sound Of Da Wind 06/05/2003 (Fantasy)
My Own Lil World 05/23/2003 (Dreams)
Losing It 04/29/2003 (Fear)
The Way I Feel About You 04/24/2003 (Love)
Alone 04/16/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
Always On My Mind? 04/04/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
Blade 04/04/2003 (Depression)
Battle 04/04/2003 (Patriotism)
Why? 04/03/2003 (People)

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