Clive B Ringshall's Writings

I Ask For Your Love 11/25/2012 (Love - passionate)
Love Needs Love 11/25/2012 (Love lost or ending)
Lost Trust 11/25/2012 (Love lost or ending)
Beauty Of Who We Are 06/10/2008 (Nature)
Lost In Time To Remember 06/08/2008 (Questioning)
From The Start 06/06/2008 (Family)
Estranged From The Start 06/04/2008 (Abuse)
Pages Of Life 06/03/2008 (Feelings)
You Come And Go 06/01/2008 (Facing Reality)
We Belong That Way 06/01/2008 (Love - waiting for)
Friends 05/27/2008 (Friends)
Each And Every Day 05/26/2008 (Love - passionate)
My Bestest Friend 05/23/2008 (Missing Someone)
My Love My Daughter 05/22/2008 (Heart Touching)
Someday Soon 05/22/2008 (Love - waiting for)
Again And Again 05/22/2008 (Love - waiting for)
Mother Earth To Farther Sky 05/21/2008 (Seasons)
Always With You 05/20/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Success 05/19/2008 (Special Occasions)
Listening And Hearing Too 05/19/2008 (Misunderstanding)
Communicate With Me 05/18/2008 (Confusion)
Silence 05/18/2008 (Feelings)
I Love You Much More 05/17/2008 (Emotions and Emotional)
You Are The One 05/17/2008 (Change)
Perception 05/16/2008 (Love - questioning)
jack 12/24/2006 (Pain - physical)
To He Who Started It All 12/24/2006 (Thankfulness)
So Proud 12/23/2006 (Reminiscing)
Today I'm Going To 'win'
12/01/2006 (Pain - physical)
A Family Tree 11/24/2006 (Family)
Dreams In The Distance 09/23/2006 (Life Journeys)
The Most Influential Person In
My Life,
06/25/2006 (Missing Someone)
Life 04/14/2006 (Spiritual)
Happy Inside 04/12/2006 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Kiss Me Tight And Once Again. 04/12/2006 (Dreams)
Easy !! 04/12/2006 (Choices)
Every Heartbreak Has A Song 04/11/2006 (Love - waiting for)
Read Me Some More 04/11/2006 (Dreams)
Wanting Still More 04/10/2006 (Love - passionate)
Rain 04/09/2006 (Fantasy)
Wishing 04/08/2006 (Dreams)
Liberated 04/07/2006 (Short Stories - fiction)
After All This Time 04/07/2006 (Love - passionate)
Open Thoughts 04/07/2006 (Passions)
Upside Down Inside Out 04/04/2006 (Dreams)
Today 04/02/2006 (Love - just beginning)
Love 'n' Feeling 03/30/2006 (Love - just beginning)
Forever With You 03/29/2006 (Memories)
A State Of Mind 03/28/2006 (Aging)
Bubbles 03/25/2006 (Happiness)
Captured In A Bottle 03/23/2006 (Love - passionate)
Together 03/22/2006 (Love - distance)
Affection 03/19/2006 (Feelings)
Bomb Threat 03/16/2006 (Crimes)
Just Good Friends 03/16/2006 (Friends)
Wondering Still 03/12/2006 (Trust)
Building Block 03/11/2006 (Trust)
Missing You 03/01/2006 (Missing Someone)
News 02/21/2006 (Change)
Today And Forever 02/11/2006 (Marriage)

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