Dolphin Chick's Writings

Alone 03/27/2009 (Depression)
If That Means Loosing You 06/08/2007 (Love)
What We Believe In 03/23/2007 (Choices)
Thy's Heart 02/14/2007 (Love)
That One Guy 02/14/2007 (Love - waiting for)
I Want It Shorter 02/14/2007 (Suicidal Thoughts)
The Letter 02/14/2007 (Love lost or ending)
I Am Darkness 02/04/2007 (Love)
A Walk In The Park 11/29/2006 (Love - forbidden)
I Am Who I Am 11/29/2006 (Change)
I Wonder 10/17/2006 (Love - questioning)
Have You Ever Wondered 10/17/2006 (Feelings)
What We Believe 10/10/2006 (Pain - emotional)
Quiet 10/10/2006 (Love - questioning)
Afraid 10/10/2006 (Fear)
The Feeling Of Being Loved 09/29/2006 (Love)
Just Know 09/13/2006 (Friendship)
Cherish Memories, Moments, And
09/13/2006 (Memories)
I Wish Not 08/27/2006 (Love - questioning)
Mind Vs Heart 08/27/2006 (Love - questioning)
Time Machine 08/25/2006 (Time)
In Memory Of Mandy 08/25/2006 (Pain - emotional)
Fire 08/25/2006 (Death - tribute)
All Of Those Lies 08/12/2006 (Betrayal)
Why Do I Still Love Him 08/05/2006 (Love - questioning)
Why Is That 08/01/2006 (Love)
What Do You Do 08/01/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Whole Life Is Falling Through 08/01/2006 (Depression)
I Thought I Loved You 08/01/2006 (Love - questioning)
What Is One To Do 08/01/2006 (Love - questioning)
Confused Love 08/01/2006 (Love - questioning)
Some Say This, Others Say
04/30/2006 (Love)
Daddy Doesn't Like Me 04/30/2006 (Love - forbidden)
A Girl And Her Mother 04/18/2006 (Families - Broken)
That Is What Love Is Like 04/10/2006 (Love)
Have You Ever Had That Feeling 03/27/2006 (Feelings)
When You Think You Love
03/27/2006 (Love - questioning)
How Do You Deal 02/03/2006 (Dreams)
Why Is That So 01/23/2006 (Confusion)
Friends 01/23/2006 (Friends)
Prince Charming 01/23/2006 (Death - tribute)
People Wonder Why 01/10/2006 (Depression)
Friends 10/05/2005 (Friends)
A Boy 10/05/2005 (Love)
The Days 10/04/2005 (Time)
A Day Is A Day 10/04/2005 (Animals)
The True Color Blue 09/25/2005 (Love)
A Boy And A Girl 09/25/2005 (Accidents)
How Is One To Know 09/25/2005 (Love - questioning)
What To Do 09/25/2005 (Love)

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