Elizabetta's Writings

Without Anchor. 03/20/2006 (Reflective)
Narcissus 11/06/2004 (Confusion)
My Modern Romance 10/27/2004 (Thoughts)
Looking For A Title? 12/29/2003 (Life Journeys)
My Own Tulip 10/20/2003 (Love lost or ending)
Uncertain 09/29/2003 (Love)
The Walk Home 09/28/2003 (Trust)
Girl Undone 08/26/2003 (Emotional Collapse)
Stranger 08/14/2003 (Love)
Anthem Of Loneliness 04/30/2003 (Loneliness)
To The Moon 04/26/2003 (Loneliness)
Pure Spring 04/26/2003 (Love)
A New Game 04/12/2003 (Change)
But For A Moment 04/09/2003 (Love - forbidden)
Rambling, But That's Just How
I Feel
04/09/2003 (Love - forbidden)
Boldness 03/30/2003 (Love)
Happiness 03/30/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Smile Of The Moon 03/30/2003 (Pondering)
Love's Thorn 03/23/2003 (Love lost or ending)
In Front Of Him 03/19/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Scarlett 03/18/2003 (Love)
Bombs Over Baghdad 03/06/2003 (Military and War)
Realization 03/05/2003 (Facing Reality)
Threat Of Summer 03/01/2003 (Change)
Sort Of Like A Suntan 02/26/2003 (Understanding)
Your Hands 02/26/2003 (Loss)
Unfulfilled 02/16/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Parking Lot Puddle 02/11/2003 (Reflective)
Today 02/11/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Connected 02/01/2003 (Thoughts)
Fallen Angel 01/26/2003 (Self Searching)
Carefree 01/22/2003 (Change)
Inspiration 01/22/2003 (Love)
Numb Pain 01/21/2003 (Dreaming)
Seperate, Not Apart 01/01/2003 (Friends)
Valiant Light 12/29/2002 (Searching For Answers)
A Temporary Eternity 12/29/2002 (Change)
Celestial Ambience 12/29/2002 (Dreaming)
Alone 11/29/2002 (Heartbreak)
Polarity 11/29/2002 (Love unrequited)
Reminiscences Of Summer 11/28/2002 (Pondering)
What Friendship Is 05/13/2002 (Friendship)
Immersion 02/25/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Already Or Only 18? 12/31/1969 (Aging)

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