Emma-Louise's Writings

My Final Poem. 03/15/2009 (Healing)
Frozen Fear 09/28/2006 (Fear)
Serpent's Trail 09/17/2006 (Depression)
Falling Fast. 09/16/2006 (Love - just beginning)
The Suitcase 09/13/2006 (Crimes)
Violated. 06/20/2006 (Passions)
Bitter Support. 05/22/2006 (Friends)
To The End. 05/10/2006 (Heartbreak)
Missing Piece. 04/03/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Penknife And Paper 03/18/2006 (Abuse)
Dear Everything. 01/16/2006 (Short Creative Writings)
The Screams Within. 01/14/2006 (Memories)
Changes. 12/27/2005 (Aging)
Bittersweet Memories. 12/21/2005 (Good-Byes)
Split Personalities And The
Bitter Truth I'm Too Blinded
To See.
12/20/2005 (Broken Relationships)
I'll Bring The Blade If You'll
Bring The Audience.
12/16/2005 (Breaking Up)
Confusion. 12/04/2005 (Confusion)
I Can't Stand This. 11/25/2005 (Depression)
Can I Ask Why? 11/25/2005 (Broken Relationships)
My Broken Record. 11/16/2005 (Betrayal)
Firework Display 11/08/2005 (Feelings)
Slipping Away 11/08/2005 (Change)
Embarrassment. 11/04/2005 (Disappointment)
You Never Knew. 10/28/2005 (Miscellaneous)
Miss The Most. 10/19/2005 (Feelings)
Insecurity Sucks. 10/19/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Never There. 10/19/2005 (Broken Relationships)
Remember Me. 10/12/2005 (Change)
Envy Me. 10/12/2005 (Betrayal)
Fear 09/28/2005 (Fear)
Tidal Wave. 09/28/2005 (Self Portraits)
My Own World. 09/28/2005 (Feelings)
Eating Me Away. 09/28/2005 (Dark Thoughts)

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