Everett's Writings

Waste 02/09/2021 (Disappointment)
River 02/01/2021 (Addictions)
Thoughts In April 04/20/2009 (Questioning)
The Window 03/31/2009 (Time)
The End 03/16/2009 (Dreaming)
The Lighthouse 03/14/2009 (Short Stories - mystery)
The Believer 03/11/2009 (Inspirational and Strength)
The Stranger 03/11/2009 (Life Journeys)
When We Rise 03/05/2009 (Facing Reality)
Reflection 02/26/2009 (Confusion)
The Poet Who Never Was 02/19/2009 (Dark Thoughts)
Falling Star 08/16/2006 (Dark Thoughts)
We Fall Together 08/16/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Disrespect Is My Middle Name 07/15/2004 (Betrayal)
One Mistake 03/23/2004 (Accidents)
Fiction Today, A Bad Memory
03/22/2004 (Heartbreak)
From Above 02/28/2004 (Angels)
Wishful Thinking 01/28/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Can I Count On Anyone 01/14/2004 (Trust)
Freedom 01/11/2004 (Thoughts)
An Angel 01/08/2004 (Love)
Together 08/07/2003 (Love)
Until Then 05/23/2003 (Dreams)
Misunderstood 05/12/2003 (Misunderstanding)
The Seven Shadows 2 04/19/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
The Seven Shadows 1 04/17/2003 (Friendship)
Room 101 04/13/2003 (Friendship)
10:47 Pm 03/30/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Bleed 03/26/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
The Seven Shadows 3 03/25/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
The End Is Coming 03/17/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
2-13-03 02/14/2003 (Thoughts)
Forgotten 02/04/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Fragile Heart 01/22/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
A Sad Goodbye 01/22/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Died Yesterday 01/16/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Saw You 01/16/2003 (Thoughts)
You Will Never Know 01/13/2003 (Confusion)
Time 01/13/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Goodnight, Goodbye 01/06/2003 (Emotions and Emotional)
12-31-84 - 1-1-04 01/01/2003 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Miles Away 12/28/2002 (Reflective)
Your Sunshine 10/24/2002 (Love)
A Choice 10/22/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Emotional Bleeding 10/21/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
By Yourself 09/28/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Why Should I? 09/25/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)

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