Fallen_Angel's Writings

Humanity's Earth 08/01/2012 (Happiness)
Humanities Lost Serenity 01/07/2011 (Life Journeys)
Earths Fallen Angels 11/04/2010 (Abuse)
The Blessed Matter 10/23/2010 (Life Journeys)
The Creation Of Isolation 10/18/2010 (Facing Reality)
Jump From The World 05/05/2009 (Facing Reality)
Hungry For Life 03/16/2009 (Life Journeys)
The Passage Of Forgiveness 02/22/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Finding A Father 09/27/2007 (Parents and Parenting)
Heaven's Temple 08/28/2007 (Love - passionate)
Society's Blue Print 10/25/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Gambling The World 09/04/2006 (Life Journeys)
The Broken Hearted 08/20/2006 (Heartbreak)
A Highness's Moonlight 08/07/2006 (Abuse)
Can This Be It? 08/02/2006 (Love - just beginning)
Crucifying Eyes 07/08/2006 (Death)
The Book Of Our Life. 05/14/2006 (Love - questioning)
Eliminating My Enemy 05/14/2006 (Facing Reality)
Choir Of Death's Children 03/03/2006 (Death)
Tourniquet Of Teardrops 11/29/2005 (Love - questioning)
Strike Of Midnight 11/18/2005 (Angels)
Ashes Of A Coffin 09/02/2005 (Death)
A Corpse's Conscience 07/27/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Freedom's Bird 06/18/2005 (Heartbreak)
Scarred Angel 05/09/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Moon Nightlight 04/19/2005 (Life Journeys)
Loving Corner Of Regret 04/11/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Human Flower Between The Pages 04/05/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Wingless Stranger 04/05/2005 (Love unrequited)
Midnight Of Unforgiveness 04/05/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Broken Stale Heart For Sale 04/05/2005 (Love lost or ending)
The Desk Of Life Or Death 04/05/2005 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Lost Love Street 03/27/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Imagenary Love 03/19/2005 (Cutting)
Approaching Dream 03/19/2005 (Dreaming)
Unholy Scars 03/13/2005 (Abuse)
Mysterious Spell 03/08/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Broken Heart Rainbow 03/08/2005 (Life Journeys)
Concrete Raindrops 03/04/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Dead Love's Grave 03/04/2005 (Love unrequited)
Broken Wind Chime 03/04/2005 (Love unrequited)
Vacant Love 03/01/2005 (Life Journeys)
Front Step 02/26/2005 (Love - distance)
Broken Heart Vile 02/18/2005 (Love - distance)
Blissful 02/12/2005 (Love - distance)
Hello Love 02/08/2005 (Love)
Dear Diary 02/08/2005 (Life Journeys)
Hazel Eyes Of Savor 01/26/2005 (Accidents)
Salvation Upon A Phone Line 01/25/2005 (Love - distance)
Sleepless Lonesome 01/25/2005 (Love - distance)
Dead Angel 01/25/2005 (Angels)
Lonelyness's Sos 01/07/2005 (Abuse)
Mental Cell 12/28/2004 (Death - longing for)
Wishing Well 12/09/2004 (Heartbreak)
My Letter To God 12/02/2004 (Death)
God's Murder 12/01/2004 (Angels)
Overdose To Salvation 12/01/2004 (Suicidal Thoughts)
I'm Thinking Of You 11/23/2004 (Accidents)
Distant Angel 11/14/2004 (Love - distance)
Death Note 11/14/2004 (Broken Relationships)

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