Karla Bardanza's Writings

Waiting While The Roses Break
07/27/2010 (Reflective)
Book Of Myths 05/01/2010 (Facing Reality)
With Impact 05/01/2010 (Death)
Saudade 05/01/2010 (Love - distance)
Amber 05/01/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
God Shot Me To Death 05/01/2010 (Anger)
My Love 05/01/2010 (Love)
Ashes 05/01/2010 (Emotional Collapse)
The Accidents Of Air 05/01/2010 (Pondering)
The World Is A Shell Of
03/12/2010 (Emotional Collapse)
We Are What The Stars Hear 03/12/2010 (Love)
Watch Me Multiply The Threads
Of Infinity
03/02/2010 (Love)
Dictionary Of Emotions 03/02/2010 (Relationships)
The Alphabet Of Desire 03/02/2010 (Reflective)
For You 03/02/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Sweet Torture 03/02/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Late January 01/26/2010 (Depression)
Delight 01/26/2010 (Reflective)
Eu Te Amo 01/26/2010 (Love)
Priestess 01/26/2010 (Dreams)
Wounds 01/26/2010 (Facing Reality)
Ballerina 01/26/2010 (Emotions and Emotional)
Defeat 01/26/2010 (Pondering)
Testimony Of Love 01/26/2010 (Love - passionate)
They Crave For More 01/17/2010 (Love - just beginning)
The Petals Of Our Hearts 01/13/2010 (Love)
Eternity 01/08/2010 (Love - passionate)
Silence 01/08/2010 (Pain - emotional)
The Princess Of The Clouds 01/03/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
The Romance Of The Moon And
The Sun
01/03/2010 (Love - distance)
Your Vague Roses 01/02/2010 (Love - passionate)
Three Sexy Musketeers 12/29/2009 (Friendship)
Madana Mohana Murari 12/24/2009 (Love lost or ending)
A Letter From My Silence 12/23/2009 (Emotional Collapse)
She Wants To Kiss Him All Over 12/12/2009 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
The Music Of My Soul 12/05/2009 (Spiritual)
Sewing Dreams And Beauty 11/29/2009 (Fantasy - imagination)
I Love You 11/27/2009 (Love - passionate)
The Tender Cavern 11/25/2009 (Fantasy - imagination)
Before You 11/24/2009 (Love)
A Thousand Beautiful Things 11/22/2009 (Love - passionate)
Little Miracles 11/20/2009 (Reflective)
The Embrace 11/20/2009 (Feelings)
Living In Fear 11/18/2009 (Fear)
God In Me 11/15/2009 (Reflective)
Devadasi 11/13/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
As She Cries 11/10/2009 (Sadness)
The Dark Side Of The Moon 11/10/2009 (Dark Thoughts)
Echo 11/08/2009 (Loneliness)
Ultimate Eternity 11/08/2009 (Thoughts)
Silent Masquerade 11/07/2009 (Loss)
White Soul 11/06/2009 (Drugs and Alcohol)
The Cactus Flower 11/05/2009 (Reflective)
Tantric Night 11/03/2009 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
A Geisha Crying For A Ninja 11/02/2009 (Heartbreak)
Unveiling Venus 11/02/2009 (Love)
Wicca 10/31/2009 (Reflective)
To A Friend 10/30/2009 (Friendship)
The Door Is Open: It's
10/29/2009 (Fantasy)
Penelope 10/29/2009 (Waiting)

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