LAR's Writings

In The Land Of Once Before 11/04/2020 (Feelings)
The Barber And The Preacher 10/06/2020 (Anger)
Bridges Never Burned 05/09/2020 (Love - forbidden)
Know This 03/01/2020 (Love - forbidden)
It Is Enough 02/14/2020 (Love - forbidden)
Ache 02/02/2020 (Feelings)
Cry 02/02/2020 (Heartbreak)
Of Long Gone By 01/02/2020 (Memories)
Foreplay 09/08/2019 (Love - forbidden)
Things There Are... 02/08/2019 (Change)
Lonely Can Be Beaten 02/08/2019 (Loneliness)
Away... 10/26/2018 (Emotions and Emotional)
A Few Nice Lines... 10/02/2018 (Life Lessons)
I'm Not Really That Strong 02/05/2018 (Hurt)
One Minute Past Midnight... 12/27/2017 (Love lost or ending)
27 December - 1967 & 2017 12/25/2017 (Change)
I Call Your Name... 04/23/2017 (Love - distance)
Some Walk In The Rain... 04/21/2017 (Love - forbidden)
I Treasure That 04/06/2017 (Change)
Unbroken Love 12/11/2016 (Love - forbidden)
Tonight.... And Any Other
12/09/2016 (Dreams)
And I Could Cry All Through
The Night
10/16/2016 (Love - forbidden)
Maybe One Day 09/13/2016 (Love - forbidden)
The Eyes Speak Softly 08/16/2016 (Emotions and Emotional)
Alone With You... 08/03/2016 (Love - distance)
How... 07/20/2016 (Love unrequited)
In Dreams 01/11/2013 (Thoughts)
On Having One Hell Of A Grudge
Against Yourself
09/06/2012 (Disappointment)
I'm Working At It... 12/15/2011 (Love unrequited)
Showdown 07/24/2011 (Love lost or ending)
Simply Put 05/14/2011 (Love - distance)
Dream Lover 02/26/2011 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Because 12/20/2010 (Love unrequited)
Yeah... 10/02/2010 (Thoughts)
If I Could But Meet A Gypsy
06/18/2010 (Dreams)
I'm Gonna Lay It Down 04/07/2010 (Death - longing for)
Sometimes 03/30/2010 (Love unrequited)
I Just Wanted 03/28/2010 (Life Lessons)
An Old Friend 03/23/2010 (Addictions)
Last Waltz 03/21/2010 (Love lost or ending)
It Is Early Morning 03/19/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
To Be No More 03/15/2010 (Love)
Just One Drink, For Old Times'
03/10/2010 (Depression)
Tears 03/08/2010 (Love)
As It Is Now 03/07/2010 (Love)
It's Over And So 03/07/2010 (Love)
Do Not Believe, For A Moment,
That I Do Not Think About You
02/20/2010 (Spiritual)
A Rose Will Always Be A Rose 01/25/2010 (Love - forbidden)
And None Other 01/18/2010 (Love)
The Most Beautiful Love Poem
That I Could Ever Write
12/26/2009 (Happiness)
For All The World We Never Had 12/05/2009 (Missing Someone)
Late In The Afternoon 12/04/2009 (Love)

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