Luke Mudge's Writings

Immortalized 03/14/2021 (Betrayal)
When I Go 02/28/2021 (Memories)
No Longer Hollow 01/01/2021 (Heart Touching)
In A Way 08/25/2020 (Life Journeys)
The Sky Is A Lighter Shade
05/06/2020 (Inspirational and Strength)
You 09/12/2019 (Emotions and Emotional)
Time Stands Still 12/02/2015 (Reflective)
1st Time At Bat (thank You
Hank Mudge)
09/16/2015 (Life Journeys)
Tomorrow 09/01/2014 (Choices)
Our Hill 08/10/2014 (Friends)
Welcoming My Mind Back Home 05/04/2014 (Change)
What Was. . . 03/07/2013 (Families - Broken)
Today 02/03/2013 (Choices)
A Light Rant, On A Winter Day 01/07/2013 (Short Creative Writings)
Our Novel, Just A Turning Of
Another Page
10/16/2012 (Love)
A Candle's Still Burning, And
I'm Searching But Lost.
11/27/2011 (Pain - emotional)
I Go Back 06/14/2010 (Memories)
Gone 05/19/2010 (Moving On)
We Created These Dark Clouds 04/06/2010 (Facing Reality)
To All My Hunter Friends 03/16/2010 (Nature)
Without You 02/21/2010 (Love - passionate)
Southwick Beach, Lake Ontario 07/13/2009 (Reflective)
Ripped Off The Page Part 3 06/19/2009 (Aging)
A Blink 06/10/2009 (Change)
You Were There . . . 05/07/2009 (Family)
Bed Of Lies 04/30/2009 (Anger)
Ripped Off The Page Part 2 01/16/2009 (Feelings)
Ripped Off The Page Part 1 01/16/2009 (Feelings)
The Walk 01/12/2009 (Life Journeys)
Summer Of 95 05/31/2008 (Memories)
Im Still Here 03/26/2008 (Feelings)
My Father 01/12/2008 (Family)
My Family 11/04/2007 (Happiness)
Sporadic Memories 08/07/2007 (Facing Reality)
A Windless Breeze 05/15/2007 (Love)
Just Breathe 04/14/2007 (Feelings)
All That My Heart Needs 04/14/2007 (Love)
Quick Thoughts About August 04/14/2007 (Feelings)
Withering 04/14/2007 (Dark Thoughts)
Silent Art 04/14/2007 (Feelings)
Tonight I Wanna Cry 04/14/2007 (Betrayal)
Empty Stomach 04/14/2007 (Feelings)
Melissa 04/14/2007 (Heart Touching)
Once Upon A Time 04/14/2007 (Feelings)
The Hidden 04/14/2007 (Broken Relationships)
Time To Move On 04/14/2007 (Self Discovery)

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