Melissa's Writings

What Matters To You 12/17/2005 (Questioning)
I'm Confused 12/17/2005 (Love - questioning)
I Am A Pitbull 12/08/2005 (Animals)
You've Cheated 04/12/2004 (Relationships)
Apart 10/15/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Grandpa 09/29/2003 (Pain - emotional)
Smell Of Death 09/18/2003 (Illness and Health)
Your Touch 08/13/2003 (Reminiscing)
Beer 07/07/2003 (Drugs and Alcohol)
My Birthday 07/07/2003 (Hurt)
Dad 06/10/2003 (Hurt)
Dad 05/23/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Why Didn't You Try 02/16/2003 (Hurt)
Confused 10/15/2002 (Confusion)
Mom 09/29/2002 (Moving On)
Hidden Tearz 09/29/2002 (Sadness)
Untitled 09/16/2002 (Confusion)
Yesturday 09/04/2002 (Life Journeys)
When I Was Five 09/02/2002 (Abuse)
Over The Edge 08/05/2002 (Depression)
In Tha End 07/10/2002 (Love lost or ending)
Our Love 07/10/2002 (Love unrequited)
Fading Away 07/10/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Ma Life 07/10/2002 (Life Journeys)
A Lover 06/22/2002 (Love)
Sittin Here 06/10/2002 (Loneliness)
Remember Those Times 06/07/2002 (Reminiscing)
The Road Of Loneliness 06/01/2002 (Loneliness)
Heaven 05/29/2002 (Death)
I Wonder Why 05/29/2002 (Depression)
25 Yearz 05/27/2002 (Abuse)
A Friend 05/21/2002 (Friends)
Colton 04/30/2002 (People)

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