Meridian Zuriel's Writings

Manipulation 01/27/2019 (Life Lessons)
Put My Foot In My Mouth 11/19/2018 (Judgement)
Modesty, Or Not 09/08/2018 (Aging)
Thoughts (rough Draft) 08/23/2018 (Thoughts)
Rare (rough Draft) 08/22/2018 (Thoughts)
Country 07/03/2018 (Life Styles)
No Title (thoughts) 07/03/2018 (Thoughts)
Classic 05/22/2018 (Spiritual)
Free 05/15/2018 (Happiness)
Soul Of Man 03/19/2018 (Thoughts)
No Words 03/14/2018 (Thoughts)
Music And Emotions 03/11/2018 (Music or Lyrical)
Communication 03/11/2018 (Thoughts)
In Front Of Me 03/10/2018 (Music or Lyrical)
Young 03/10/2018 (Aging)
Vision 03/03/2018 (Thoughts)
Thoughts 02/11/2018 (Thoughts)
Marvel 02/11/2018 (Spiritual)
Amen 02/10/2018 (Self Discovery)
Yay 02/10/2018 (Thoughts)
Picture Perfect 01/15/2018 (Nature)
Paradise On Earth 01/14/2018 (Nature)
Untitled 05/14/2017 (Religious and Religion)
High 05/13/2017 (Music or Lyrical)
Soul Travail (it's Personal) 04/30/2017 (Spiritual)
Alive 07/11/2015 (Thoughts)
Take As Directed 07/08/2015 (Hopelessness)
All I Ever Wanted 03/03/2013 (Dreams)
I Tried 01/26/2013 (Music or Lyrical)
Courage 01/26/2013 (Music or Lyrical)
Let Me See You Smile 01/26/2013 (Music or Lyrical)
I Smile 12/05/2012 (Reminiscing)
Here To Stay 12/05/2012 (Inspirational and Strength)
Emoticon 10/04/2012 (Feelings)
Floatin' 05/06/2012 (Music or Lyrical)
Til Next Time 05/06/2012 (Thoughts)
Lost Cause 03/25/2012 (Sadness)
I Am A Woman 03/20/2012 (Statements)
What Can I Say? 03/19/2012 (Pondering)
Purpose? 03/04/2012 (Questioning)
The Cycle (it Just Goes Round
And Round)
02/12/2012 (Thoughts)
Continue The Journey (as A
12/31/2011 (Inspirational and Strength)
The Ugly Truth 12/31/2011 (Anger)
Fantasy 12/15/2011 (Fantasy)
The Flood (excited
11/11/2011 (Anger)
A Good Day 11/11/2011 (Happiness)
Friends - Rough Draft 11/04/2011 (Life Lessons)
Cyber Coward 10/26/2011 (People)
Sexism 10/19/2011 (Statements)
Do It For Me - Essay 10/15/2011 (Dreams)
Don't Go To Bed Angry 10/14/2011 (Love)
Eat My Words 10/14/2011 (Regret)
Mosquito 10/13/2011 (Nature)
Narrow Escape 10/11/2011 (Life Journeys)
Corrector 10/10/2011 (People)
Stigma 10/09/2011 (Judgement)
Average 10/05/2011 (Thoughts)
Violence Solves 0 09/30/2011 (Change)
Fearless 09/30/2011 (People)
Can't Win 'em All 09/22/2011 (People)

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