Miztrebor's Writings

Words 04/07/2015 (Love)
Your Wake Of Flowing Hair 08/14/2010 (Insomnia)
We May Be 07/25/2010 (Music or Lyrical)
I Just Need A Little 07/18/2010 (Music or Lyrical)
I Can Find Peace, Can You? 07/12/2010 (Love lost or ending)
Welcome To Potsdam, Enjoy The
05/26/2010 (People)
Communion With Nature 04/20/2010 (Seasons)
If The Sky Cries 04/07/2010 (Nature)
Summer Must Be Creeping Near 03/29/2010 (Self Discovery)
Imagination Recaptured 03/23/2010 (Reflective)
Words In The Morning 02/19/2010 (Love)
Misery: A Scene From A Bar 02/15/2010 (People)
P. S. Happy Valentineís
Day (for Those Who Canít
02/09/2010 (Holidays)
Message From A Bookmark 01/12/2010 (Thoughts)
Kicking 12/24/2009 (Children's Poetry - by kids)
Ground Assault 12/16/2009 (Humorous)
Fight Of Spring 10/03/2009 (Nature)
Lift My Heart, Guide My Pen 09/13/2009 (Love - distance)
Poems From Your Eyes 09/10/2009 (Love)
She Drove Away... Straight To
My Heart
09/08/2009 (Love)
Upon Your Cheek 08/31/2009 (Love)
The Universe From A Boat 08/13/2009 (Nature)
The Trees Of The Winter Wood 08/13/2009 (People)
She Loves Him 07/20/2009 (Love unrequited)
Plea Into The Night 07/13/2009 (Broken Relationships)
Inner Eden 06/21/2009 (Religious and Religion)
Thank You, Father Thank You 06/21/2009 (Families - Broken)
Soul Lost From Home 05/10/2009 (Short Stories - fiction)
Living With The Unknown, The
Life Of A Drifter
04/30/2009 (People)
This Rain Is Our Bond 04/29/2009 (Love)
Coffee Song 04/29/2009 (Humorous)
The True Epiphany 04/23/2009 (Families - Broken)
Blood Purple Vengeance:
Salvation Of The Inner Soul
04/23/2009 (Mythical)
Hello Friend, You're Back 04/22/2009 (Friends)
Into The Wild, I Go 04/21/2009 (Life Journeys)
Song Of The Holy Week 04/21/2009 (Nature)
From The Earth We Rise, Into
The Earth We Fall
04/15/2009 (Nature)
At The Hidden Lake 04/13/2009 (Love - distance)
It's Nothing Serious! 04/07/2009 (Humorous)
Your Song On The Rainy
04/03/2009 (Love)
Samson Captain Of The Seas 04/03/2009 (Children's Creative Writing)
Fragrance Of The Night Rain 04/03/2009 (Healing)
Breakfast: Coffee, Eggs, And
03/16/2009 (Love)
Let The Waters Flow Through
Thy Heart (revised)
03/07/2009 (People)
The Necessity Of The Moon 03/04/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
Homeward Bound 02/22/2009 (Short Stories - fiction)
Let The Waters Flow Through
Thy Heart
02/22/2009 (People)
Demon 02/07/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
Passion's Song 02/07/2009 (Love - passionate)
Missing The Miles Away 02/01/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
Another Chapter Written 02/01/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
Where The Stars And Sea Meet 01/31/2009 (Love - passionate)
The Rains Will Soon Come 01/20/2009 (Love - distance)
Out At Sea 01/11/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
The Two Worlds In My Life 11/21/2008 (Nature)
When The First Snow Falls 10/22/2008 (Nature)
Working Title: Samson, Captain
Of The Seas
10/08/2008 (Short Stories - fantasy)
Fix Your Fate 07/08/2008 (Choices)
A Vampire With A Soul 07/08/2008 (Pain - emotional)
Possession From Above 07/08/2008 (Spiritual)

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