Newage Caveman's Writings

Free Fall From The Moon 02/11/2016 (Thoughts)
Illusions 02/11/2016 (Dreams)
Little Things That Matter 04/17/2015 (Pondering)
Happy Birthday 04/17/2015 (Happiness)
The Dew Soaked Grass 06/05/2014 (Nature)
The Distant Dream 04/17/2014 (Dreams)
The Mountain Dream 02/04/2014 (Nature)
The Snowy Aisle 01/28/2014 (Life Journeys)
The Wish 01/07/2014 (Thoughts)
Impatience 01/03/2014 (Emotions and Emotional)
Life In A Cubicle 12/24/2013 (People)
If Earth Were To Speak? 12/24/2013 (Nature)
The Unseen Entrance 12/06/2013 (Faith)
The Chase 12/04/2013 (Life Lessons)
The Question 11/27/2013 (Death)
A Mirage Called 'life' 11/22/2013 (Life Lessons)
The Cure Called Laughter 05/03/2013 (Illness and Health)
The Flower Garden 04/03/2013 (Nature)
Knocking Heaven's Door 06/30/2012 (Dreams)
Time 02/21/2012 (Change)
Learn To Sleep Like A Child 05/23/2011 (Life Journeys)
If Only Love Can Make You Wise 06/07/2010 (Love - questioning)
Wisdom On The Freeway 10/02/2009 (Life Lessons)
Go Green 06/05/2009 (Nature)
The Eagle’s Talisman 05/29/2009 (Inspirational and Strength)
Just Born 05/15/2009 (Life Lessons)
Moments Before The Last Breath 05/07/2009 (Spiritual)
Search On A Sailboat 03/20/2009 (Short Stories - poetic)
World Through An Hourglass 03/06/2009 (Thoughts)
Newage Parable 02/22/2008 (Nature)
Just Chill 02/21/2008 (Life Lessons)
The Perfect Dream 08/09/2007 (Dreams)
The Baby In The Cradle 07/01/2007 (Happiness)
A God Called Krishna 10/05/2006 (Spiritual)
Whispers From The Grave 10/04/2006 (Death - longing for)
Lost In The Limitless Mind 09/11/2006 (Fantasy - imagination)
Is Mankind Wrapped In Wrath? 09/11/2006 (Anger)
Ode To Grandpa 09/08/2006 (Good-Byes)
Back To The Past 06/30/2006 (Thankfulness)
Caught In The Rain 06/09/2006 (Nature)
Architect Of My Dreams 05/12/2006 (Love)
The Audacious Eagles 10/03/2005 (Animals)
Moonlight Love 10/02/2005 (Love - passionate)
The Fairy Of My Dreams 09/21/2005 (Dreams)
The Unsung Hero 09/21/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Transmigration 09/20/2005 (Death)
The Brilliant Night Sky 09/18/2005 (Nature)
A Face Sans Smile 09/18/2005 (Life Lessons)
Heart Of A Child 09/18/2005 (Heart Touching)
My Dream Home In Green Valley 09/17/2005 (Nature)
Mist 03/02/2005 (Nature)
Dreams Asunder 02/25/2005 (Dreams)
Imprints In Space 06/18/2004 (Pondering)
In Search For Peace 03/25/2004 (Thoughts)
Countryside Grasslands 03/25/2004 (Nature)
In My Dreams 03/18/2004 (Dreams)
Lost Love 03/04/2004 (Love lost or ending)

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