Pamela O'Brien's Writings

Assumptions 01/08/2019 (Choices)
Cannibalism 01/08/2019 (Depression)
Crumble 01/08/2019 (Broken Relationships)
Fall (forever) 07/23/2018 (Nature)
Stay Awhile 07/23/2018 (Depression)
The Hustle 07/23/2018 (Disappointment)
Storm Chaser 07/23/2018 (Disappointment)
Was 07/23/2018 (Disappointment)
Goodbye & Hello 08/17/2016 (Change)
The Me You Don't See 07/11/2016 (Emotional Collapse)
Dear Younger Me 01/02/2016 (Choices)
There's Still Fire In Me 01/02/2016 (Life Journeys)
The Thing That Is Missing 12/16/2010 (Love - questioning)
Simple Pleasures 12/16/2010 (Heart Touching)
Contemplating The Day 11/19/2009 (Reflective)
The Show 11/19/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
The Moment I Fell In Love With
10/24/2009 (Love - just beginning)
My November 10/24/2009 (Nature)
A Night Whisper 10/15/2009 (Nature)
Dark Shadows 03/10/2009 (Dark Thoughts)
From Dawn Til' Dusk 01/13/2009 (Love - distance)
Six Fifty Nine 01/13/2009 (Spiritual)
Under My Skin 01/13/2009 (Self Portraits)
I Am Woman 01/29/2006 (Judgement)
A Long Overdue Answer 11/10/2005 (Love)
Know What's Real 11/10/2005 (People)
Make Love To Me 11/10/2005 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Reincarnated 10/27/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Open Doors 05/26/2005 (People)
A Tidal Wave Is Born 03/16/2005 (Love - passionate)
Do Tell What It Feels Like 03/10/2005 (Missing Someone)
Figurative Minds 03/10/2005 (Misunderstanding)
Doing Time 02/01/2005 (Poetry and Poets)
Beauty Is Blind 12/10/2004 (Self Portraits)
We Are Divine 11/03/2004 (Love)
I Am Willing To Remember 10/19/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Resiliant Mornings &
Lingering Afternoons
10/12/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
Danny 09/02/2004 (Love - just beginning)
And With That 07/26/2004 (Soul Searching)
Not Necessary 07/16/2004 (Anger)
A Favour From The Sun 07/12/2004 (Nature)
When Do We Become Ourselves 05/22/2004 (Questioning)
In The Pursuit Of Happiness 05/17/2004 (Life Journeys)
Take It Back 05/06/2004 (Choices)
I Only Dare To Dream 04/06/2004 (Dreams)
Skipping Stones To Pass The
04/06/2004 (Lost Memories)
Hidden City 03/30/2004 (Self Discovery)
When Poetry Dances 03/13/2004 (Poetry and Poets)
S-o-l-i-t-u-d-e 03/04/2004 (Loneliness)
Equilibrium 02/29/2004 (Passions)
Purgatory Of The Soul 02/23/2004 (Emotional Collapse)
Bag Lady 02/15/2004 (People)
Tension In The Air 02/14/2004 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Four O'clock Shadow 02/10/2004 (Heartbreak)
He Will Sit On A Swing In The
01/29/2004 (Heart Touching)
Reflection In The Evening Sky 01/25/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Streets & Avenues 01/22/2004 (Life Journeys)
False Directions 01/21/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
Infected 01/07/2004 (Illness and Health)
The Insanity Of Denial 01/06/2004 (Emotional Collapse)

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