Pondering Red's Writings

Mountain Mist Man 01/29/2021 (Questioning)
Old Houses And Snowstorms 01/29/2021 (Lost Memories)
Shades And Shadows Of Purple 12/31/2020 (Dreaming)
Scratched Record 09/07/2020 (Reflective)
Broken Beads 09/07/2020 (Reflective)
Are You Being Here Now ? 09/07/2020 (Questioning)
I Remember The Textures 12/29/2019 (Memories)
Before I - I Am 12/30/2018 (Reflective)
To My Anxious Self - Be Calm 12/30/2018 (Life Lessons)
The Grandmothers Know 12/31/2017 (Pondering)
The Elusive Fragrance 03/18/2017 (Memories)
Be Still In Different
03/18/2017 (Healing)
Time Slides And Twists 03/18/2017 (Lost Memories)
A Snow Petal 12/31/2016 (Reflective)
Broken Beads - More Freedom 05/22/2016 (Memories)
From Pretty Snow To Slush - Be
Mindful Or Film
05/22/2016 (Pondering)
Another Day - Another Doodle 05/21/2016 (Pondering)
Be Happiness 12/31/2015 (Healing)
A Surreal Reality 11/27/2015 (Thoughts)
And So It Is... 10/28/2015 (Pondering)
Time Slides 10/28/2015 (Time)
Balance Restored 12/31/2014 (Reflective)
Smile For Awhile 12/31/2013 (Reflective)
Unbalanced Year 01/01/2013 (Thoughts)
Sketches Of My Seasons 12/31/2011 (Thoughts)
For Moon Watcher 10/22/2011 (Dreaming)
Upon Meeting, What Beverage
Would I Drink, You Asked ?
09/25/2011 (Love - waiting for)
Moon Watcher 2 - 09/25/2011 (Feelings)
Moon Watcher 09/18/2011 (Feelings)
He Makes Me Smile - He Has To
08/08/2011 (Facing Reality)
Amidst The Silence... 08/08/2011 (Reflective)
24 Hours Before The New Year 12/31/2010 (Holidays)
Poetry In The Air 10/12/2010 (Pondering)
Frizz My Hair 10/06/2010 (Questioning)
Push You Under My Summer 10/06/2010 (Sadness)
Time Will Tell 10/06/2010 (Time)
Beauty On Bricks 10/06/2010 (Self Searching)
I Am, We Are 07/06/2010 (Self Discovery)
Circle Of Tears 07/06/2010 (Lost Memories)
Ephemeral Moments 06/24/2010 (Seasons)
Smoky Eyes 01/17/2010 (Infatuation)
Snow Dust In The Wind 01/17/2010 (Death - tribute)
Timelessness 01/13/2010 (Pondering)
Cold Winds And You 01/10/2010 (Nature)
Ghosts Of Januarys Past 01/04/2010 (Lost Memories)
Just Before New Years 01/01/2010 (Healing)
Cosmic Wanderings 12/31/2009 (Questioning)
Ineffable Moments 06/23/2009 (Self Searching)
Pink Blossoms 05/13/2009 (Seasons)
Icy Path 03/06/2009 (Love lost or ending)
Dragon And Snake 03/05/2009 (Anger)
January Journey 02/03/2009 (Reflective)
Matter Of Fact 01/10/2009 (Love lost or ending)
One Small Nail 01/08/2009 (Love lost or ending)
Ode To The Blue Nighttime Sky 01/07/2009 (Love)
Anxiety Blues 01/06/2009 (Stress and Anxiety)
Abandoned Spaces 01/05/2009 (Thoughts)
Snowy Sketch 01/04/2009 (Thoughts)
White Tango 01/03/2009 (Reflective)
Diamonds Dancing 01/01/2009 (Pondering)

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