RubyDragon's Writings

An Angel Named Zoe 12/14/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
A Tear For Angela 12/06/2005 (Love lost or ending)
One For Sharon 12/06/2005 (Love lost or ending)
You, I, And A Midnight Kiss 12/06/2005 (Dreaming)
Cold Shadows 08/16/2005 (Heartbreak)
Tears Of A Memory 07/17/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Tears Of An Angel 04/11/2005 (Heartbreak)
Once Upon An Existence 04/11/2005 (Emotional Collapse)
Unanswered Question 04/11/2005 (Confusion)
One Split Second 03/01/2005 (Facing Reality)
I Love Alone 03/01/2005 (Loneliness)
Frozen Ashes 01/11/2005 (Pain - emotional)
Blood On The Snow 01/11/2005 (Emotional Collapse)
Dance With Me 01/11/2005 (Dreams)
Angry Loves Revenge 01/11/2005 (Rage)
You Did It 01/10/2005 (Betrayal)
I Dance For You 01/10/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
I Scream For You 01/10/2005 (Dreams)
Nothing Wrong With Me 01/10/2005 (Broken Relationships)
Your Not Mine 11/19/2004 (Yearning)
Icy Dreams 11/19/2004 (Dreams)
Forbidden Love 11/09/2004 (Love - forbidden)
Angel Of My Nightmare 11/09/2004 (Feelings)
Your Fire 11/09/2004 (Breaking Up)
Heightened Fears 09/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Plutonian Soul Part 1 09/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Death Roles Reversed 09/08/2004 (Death)
Darkness Crying 09/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Hidden Tears 01/28/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
I Lay And Cry 01/28/2004 (Depression)
Faded To Death 01/28/2004 (Death)
Ghastly Terrors 12/11/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
The Day The World Stood Still 12/11/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Beckoning Heart 05/28/2003 (Loneliness)
Cold Tear 05/28/2003 (Heartbreak)
Why Do I? 05/28/2003 (Hurt)
Beliefs 05/21/2003 (Trust)
Dark Dreams 05/19/2003 (Dreams)
Fears 05/19/2003 (Fear)
Tears 05/15/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Dark Fires 05/06/2003 (Change)
Moonlit Screams 04/24/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Sleepless Fear 04/24/2003 (Dreams)
Memories In The Rain 04/23/2003 (Heartbreak)
Assassin Of Love 04/23/2003 (Heartbreak)
Love's Destruction 04/23/2003 (Depression)
Just My Imagination 04/23/2003 (Dreaming)
Frozen Tears 04/16/2003 (Passions)
Don't Go 04/16/2003 (Fear)
Calling Darkness 04/16/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Passion Fires 04/15/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Missing Fantasy 04/07/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Lost Dreams 03/24/2003 (Dreams)

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