Sax's Writings

Revisit 12/24/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
Our Hallowed Suicide 03/25/2003 (Thoughts)
Infected 02/23/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
Mental Fasting 02/17/2003 (Love)
Return Of An Angel 02/06/2003 (Change)
Another Perspective -- A First
12/26/2002 (Fantasy)
Symbolic Shades 12/26/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
A Falsified Fairy Tale 12/26/2002 (Short Stories - poetic)
Black Night - Night Sight 12/26/2002 (Gothic)
More Than A Ten Month Thought 12/26/2002 (Pondering)
Slow 12/26/2002 (Friendship)
Message Bottle 12/26/2002 (Uncategorised)
Question Mark? 12/26/2002 (Searching For Answers)
Sanctuary 12/26/2002 (Self Searching)
Funny Hunger 12/24/2002 (Fear)
Immortal Hero 12/24/2002 (Fantasy)
Gold Cross 12/24/2002 (Uncategorised)
Childhoods Crushed 12/24/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
Fatigue 12/24/2002 (Uncategorised)
Another Question - What Are
Friends For
12/24/2002 (Friends)
Respect 12/24/2002 (Uncategorised)
My Dearest 12/23/2002 (Sadness)
From The Heart 11/26/2002 (Anger)
Lost 11/25/2002 (Change)
And Thus I Write 11/24/2002 (Illness and Health)
Clay Statue 11/24/2002 (Uncategorised)
Man Upon The Cross 11/13/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
With A Metal Blade -revised 10/20/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
Hallucinogenic Dependancy 09/30/2002 (Dreams)
Symbiotic Crucifixion 09/22/2002 (Uncategorised)
Sunken Hope 09/20/2002 (Uncategorised)
The Final Point Of It 09/20/2002 (Uncategorised)
Death Dreams 09/20/2002 (Dreams)
Library 09/20/2002 (Uncategorised)
Emotional Lobotomize 09/04/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Failing War 09/01/2002 (Short Stories - poetic)
Sancuaric Dream World 08/29/2002 (Uncategorised)
Countdown 08/29/2002 (Family)
Capitol Bottle 08/27/2002 (Uncategorised)
Dramatize 08/27/2002 (Uncategorised)
A Book Of Poems 08/20/2002 (Poetry and Poets)
Spin 08/16/2002 (Uncategorised)
Second Stranger 08/16/2002 (Uncategorised)
Doubt Doubt Doubt 08/16/2002 (Uncategorised)
A Drop Of Blood 08/16/2002 (Gothic)
A Shade Of White And A Shade
Of Black
08/16/2002 (Gothic)
Unbound Hate 08/06/2002 (Rage)
Speechlessly Touched 08/04/2002 (Uncategorised)
Broken Skin 07/22/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
Blue Eyes Cold 07/07/2002 (Love lost or ending)
The Best Thing 07/07/2002 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Painting In Shades Of Blood 07/07/2002 (Dark Thoughts)
Last Goodbye 06/25/2002 (Friendship Lost)
Deceitful Love 06/25/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Two For War 06/24/2002 (Questioning)
Boomerang 06/19/2002 (Thoughts)
Rewind 05/29/2002 (Regret)
Tearful Flames 05/29/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Another Evening, Another
05/25/2002 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Within 05/14/2002 (Friendship)

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